Let’s not think about the age differences in relationships

Wall Street banker, someone with a Lamborghini-and then they click with a completely different person, an older man dating a younger woman or older woman dating a younger man. Today, age difference in relationships has faded to be a significant factor to determine whom to date or whom not to. People look more into the inner self of the other person to decide who they should date. Traits such as the likes, dislikes, hobbies make more difference in relationships than merely the number of years one has spent on this planet. It’s not the age difference in dating that should act as a red flag rather people who want to be together should look into their compatibility and the ease of communication with each other to find out the quality of their relationship.

Then where does age come into the picture? Yes age does matter, correlating with the maturity and life experience which can make or break the long-term potential of a relationship, but then other factors such as the family or economic background can also have a similar effect on a relationship. Typically, you will find couples with wider age differences to be more prevalent than couples with differences in life standards or family. However, the social norms look down upon such relationships especially with the growing trend of dating a cougar. Surely, age difference in dating can be a challenge but there is no reason to believe that they are doomed.

A relationship is a commitment to be with each other no matter what. It’s about trust, care and understanding so as to make sure you get to know the other person and fall in love, despite what age difference, the status, or the background the two people have. Also, there is no evidence to prove that a wider age difference in relationships increases the chances for a couple to split up. It depends on the individual people to make an effort and try to make their relationship work. So do want ever you feel like doing, whether you feel like dating younger girls or in other case you feel like dating younger men. After all, everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want to do.