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    older men dating younger women

    Have you ever wondered about the top 5 reasons older men dating younger women?

    Just what is the appeal of age-gap dating to both younger women and older men?

    Of course every older man in a relationship with a younger woman has his own personal reasons but, from a survey of our readers/members, here are the top 5 reasons why older men dating younger women:

    #1 younger women usually have a spontaneity and exuberance which appeals to older men. The freshness and vitality of a younger woman may be just what an older man needs after, perhaps, spending much of the last, say, 10-15 years since graduation focussing on his career and working hard to get ahead—sometimes at the expense of his social life and existing relationship

    #2 being with a younger woman often makes older men feel younger in themselves; many older men psychologically feel that they have a new “lease on life” once they start dating and commence a relationship with a younger woman. After all, men change dramatically from their early 20s to their late 30s/early 40s and, a relationship with a younger woman may be an excellent way to restore the older man’s own vitality for life

    #3 younger women tend to have less relationship “baggage” such as an ex-boyfriend or even husband to contend with—and more likely than not, no children on the scene, leaving the new relationship with an older man free and clear of any encumbrances

    #4 an older man and a younger woman often meet up as a result of having a common interest—perhaps in playing sports such as tennis or golf. Something which starts as a friendship because of their love of such activities can develop into a more serious relationship and the older man and younger women find that they have more and more things in common

    #5 there are many cases where the older man and younger woman genuinely do enjoy each other’s company and the age-gap is easily, naturally bridged; the younger woman and older man may be in the same profession or have been through certain circumstances and experiences which lead them to empathise with each other and build a bond of trust and admiration—before the relationship further develops

    As far as anyone can recall, older men have always been attracted to younger women, and with general society continuing to rapidly liberalise, it’s no longer unusual or out of the ordinary to see more and more of these type of relationships.

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