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    Over 50 Dating

    Older men dating young women is a trend fast catching up. Gone are the days when age-gap couples were quickly typecast as sugar daddies and babies. Today, it is perfectly acceptable that two people from different generations can come together and strike up a meaningful relationship. However, when you are over 50 and re-emerging on the dating scene, you may feel a tad bit out of touch. This can often lead to problems in the most well-meaning relationships. Here are the top mistakes to avoid making sure your over 50 dating experience turns out to be a fulfilling one:

    Not Acting Your Age

    The younger woman you are with was attracted to you for who you are. May be it was the salt-pepper look or your experience or just who you are as a person that made you catch her fancy. Whatever be the reason, one thing is clear – you were doing something right. So when you get together, retain that uniqueness that sets you apart from guys her age. Trying to hide your years by dressing up differently or imitating the lifestyle of her friends to fit the bill is the worst mistake you can make in an age-gap relationship. It will take away your charisma and make you look like a pathetic wannabe. Besides, you may start wearing out from trying to be someone you are not. Nobody stands to gain from this move and your relationship will definitely not benefit from it any way.

    Coming Across as a Creep

    You may not have had any satisfying action between the sheets for a long time and the charm of a young, beautiful girl may be hard to resist but you don’t want to come across as a creep and drive your girl away. Being too sexual in your approach early on in a relationship is a big no-no. It may send across the signal that you are in it just for the sex and drive your girl away. Instead, concentrate on building a strong connection before you decide to take matters to the bedroom and be sure when you finally do, it will be worth the wait. Being Lax about Your Appearance

    Perhaps you took great care in picking out the right clothes and dabbed that exotic perfume for your first date, and may be a few times after. But as the relationship reaches a certain comfort zone, you may start concentrating on your appearance less. While it may mean that you are comfortable being who you are with your girl now, but a little dressing up never hurt anyone. Besides when you look good, you also feel good about yourself. You go that extra mile and spend those extra fifteen minutes in grooming yourself well before a date.

    Being Affected by Social Prejudices

    You have been flirting around or dating a younger girl for a while and know it in your heart that she is the one you have been looking for and yet you hold yourself back from taking the relationship to the next level. In all likelihood, social prejudices around age-gap relationships are holding you back from following your heart, even if it is on a subconscious level. Clear your mind of any such inhibitions. If you know that you are with the right person, age and other people’s opinions should not matter.

    The key to happiness is any relationship is to give your 100 per cent to the other person and respect them for who they are. As long as you have your heart in the right place, there’d be holding your back.

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