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    Marrying Older Men

    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, Bennett Miller and Ashley Oslen, Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse…the list goes on. If these stories of love defying the notions of age barriers are anything to go by, there must be something right about marrying older men. But the societal norms and prejudice surrounding age gap relationships often have us believe otherwise. If you have been dating an older man and wondering if taking your relationship to the next level would be a wise move, here is why you should not hesitate from taking the plunge:

    You’ll Never Feel Old

    When you are with an older man, you have learnt to acknowledge that age is just a number, and being are young at heart is what really counts. The presence of an older husband in your life will teach you a thing or two about aging graciously without screaming at every new grey strand you spot in your hair or freaking about that imaginary wrinkle or crow’s feet. Besides, no matter how old you get, you will always be the ‘young one’ in his circle of friends.

    There is Little Room for Jealousy

    If you are with an older man, chances are that the baggage of his past is rather full. There may be a serious ex-girlfriend, several old flames or even an ex-wife in the equation. And yet you have little reason to feel insecure or jealous, because you have age on your side. If at all, your presence in your man’s life should make them ill-at-ease.

    Financial Stability

    Well, this doesn’t mean that you can absolutely kiss your career goodbye and live off your husband. This means your man has been through financial troubles and rough patches in his young days to know the importance of sound financial planning. If you do run into monetary trouble, which can happen to the best of us, he will have saved something for the rainy day to fall back on and you can look forward to a secure future with him.

    He is No Mama’s Boy

    The trouble with younger guys is that most of them have an innate tendency to draw parallels between their spouses and mothers. So you spend a better part of your day baking his favorite pie, he digs in and says but that’s not how mama would make it. With an older guy, such downright frustrating moments are the last thing you need to be worried about. He has been out of his mama’s wings and on his own for too long to indulge in such comparisons.

    You’ll be Appreciated

    Having been through his share of turmoil and upheavals in life, an older man knows how to respect the little niceties of life. He’ll be eternally grateful for the little things you do for him, like make him dinner every night, fix him a good cup of coffee in the morning or fold away his laundry, and not take it for granted that it is your duty as a wife to get these chores done for him. And even when you don’t any of it, there will be no hard feelings.

    Of course, every marriage has its own share of variables at play and will come with its shares of pitfalls and problems too, an older husband will just be better equipped to deal with these situations in a more mature and sensible manner.

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