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    psychology of dating older men

    For younger women, dating older men can often lead to a rewarding, long-lasting relationships. Naturally, for older men dating younger women, the same can be said,

    Fortunately for both parties, there are no longer the same restrictive social attitudes to younger women dating older men as there used to be even, say, 7-8 years ago. The increasing availability of instant communications via the internet and various social media channels means that younger women can much more easily contact and approach older men for dating.

    But, with this improved accessibility, it’s more important than ever for younger women dating older men to understand the psychology of such older men. The better they do, the more chances there are of the relationship lasting a longer time.

    So, here are several helpful dating tips in order to help a relationship between younger women and older men move forward smoothly:

    #1 many younger women date older men who are already well established in their career and may be well be in a senior or powerful business position. For such women, they may well be required to attend company or business functions. It’s important to present well and display suitable maturity accordingly to the situation—this includes the way to dress, talk and behave generally

    #2 older men are, invariably, more experienced and mature in dealing with life’s challenges and foibles; as a consequence, younger women often tend to look to an older man for his advice and guidance, even protectiveness—something the older man probably enjoys giving

    #3 it’s unlikely that an older man will want to be spending as much time with his friends as when he was younger—in, probably more time with his younger woman. It’s great if a younger woman can encourage her older man to have a range of interests, and maybe even join him on some of his leisure activities

    #4 no matter how compatible the two parties are, generational differences can sometimes be very noticeable. It’s not unusual for the typical age-gap between older men and younger women to bridge a generation, with such age differences being upwards of ten years. Therefore, whilst, for example, an older man may be tech-savvy, he may not be at the cutting edge of the latest Apps or social media platforms. Nor may he be at the edge of the latest fashions. A younger women will be admired if she is able to keep her older man smart (in both tech and fashions terms) but not letting him appear as if he is simply trying to regain lost youth!

    #5 most younger women will need to come to terms with an older man having to spend time with his children from a previous relationship. A younger woman should not be overly concerned about her older man having children as he is now dating or in a partnership with her and, hopefully, their own relationship will find positives from his previous experiences

    According to some recent surveys, greater than 50% of younger women say that dating an older man is acceptable and believe that it’s likely that they may do so in their lifetime!

    With this type of attitude and the modern mobility of people, it’s not surprising that the number of younger women dating older men is on a huge upswing.

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