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    Age gap relationships

    Age gap relationships have been enjoyed by both men and women for more years than anyone can remember.

    Until relatively recently, however, there has often been a “double-standard” applied in terms of which party has been the elder.

    If, for example, the man was the older in an age gap relationship this was generally considered acceptable by society at large. Even in cases where the age gap was significant, let’s say around 30 years—with the man, perhaps 55, and the younger women, say, 25 most people would just take the age gap relationship at “face value”. Sure there might be some people who would make comments or question the genuineness of the partnership considering the large age gap in the relationship, or the true intentions of the female, but, typically, conditional acceptance was in order.

    However, on the other hand, in the past where the female was the elder in an age gap relationship and her man was 10 or 20 years younger, then the general public would have had a harder time accepting this. You could have been sure that the age gap in question was the topic of discussion amongst most people who met or knew about the couple. For some reason, society had a harder time accepting that an older woman could have a long term age gap relationship.

    Happily, things have changed over the last few years, and age gap relationships between older men and younger women and also between older women and younger men are generally far more accepted. In fact, a new term has sprung up, namely “cougar dating” which refers to older women dating younger men and this expression has become well known in modern vernacular.

    In any event, the overall numbers of such age gap relationships have grown considerably over this time and it is now not uncommon to see couples out dining, at the cinema or playing sports where there is a large age gap between them.

    Clearly, the advent of the internet, allowing instant communications between those people looking for age gap relationships has been a major boost. As most people know, the internet plus, of course, numerous specialised “dating Apps”, means that boundaries have been broken down worldwide. The older person in, say, the US can now easily find on-line in his town or city, region or elsewhere in the country a younger woman or man to date, as the case may be.

    A person can comfortably search for an age gap relationship from the convenience of his or her computer or Smartphone. They can check out specialised dating sites or listings of others looking for age gap dating—alleviating any former concerns that there might have been misunderstandings when older people approached younger people to date in the past.

    Age gap dating is definitely here to stay. In fact, most pragmatic people will say it’s always been evident, it’s just that liberalisation of society and the ease of modern communications mean that awareness of age gap dating and relationships has reached new heights.

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    Age Gap dating rules

    With age gap dating the “rules” can be as flexible or as rigid as you wish.

    Just as with any type of dating, if there is mutual attraction between, and interest from, both parties, there is no reason why age gap dating should be any different. The key premise in age gap dating, of course, is that both the older man and younger woman or, if the other way around the younger man with an older woman, are responsible adults who have a free choice in their choice of partners they wish to date.

    Having said this, however, given that there may be an age gap of, say, 5, 10 or even 20 years between the two parties, it is perhaps wise to consider following some loose dating rules. Expectations may differ between, say, the older man and younger women as to what each one is hoping to get out of the relationship plus, with the age divide, there may be different points of view on social behaviour or “rules” of dating.

    Some suggested rules to bear in mind, therefore, may be as follows:

    #1 the larger the age gap, the more likely there will be differences in the outlook and viewpoints of the two parties. Generational differences can definitely be overcome but, given the changes in social attitudes and outlook over the last 15-20 years, there may be different opinions held by either party which need to be respected. For example, differences in the way social media is used ie Facebook or Twitter with the younger generation often recording every little action (even eating and drinking) for public showing may need greater understanding by the older partner.

    #2 the emotional needs of a younger woman or man may vary considerably from those of an older man or woman. This especially refers to younger women who generally take more time to mature than their male counterparts. In addition, younger women may well be thinking of starting a family whereas the older man may have had a family already and does not wish to go through fatherhood again; similarly, an older women with a younger man may have related family issues to address and resolve.

    #3 depending on how the relationship started ie through mutual interest such as playing the same sports, doing the same hobbies or as a result of working in the same office, then it’s wise to try to build on these interests. If there can be more to a relationship rather than the younger person taking advantage of the older person’s likely financial abilities “to provide”, then this will form the basis for a much stronger relationship going forward.

    In many ways, age gap relationships are just like any other relationships—and there will be ups and downs, good times and bad. However, it’s prudent to always bear in mind that sometime special care and understanding will be needed when handling certain situations and issues, ideas and opinions, in view of the age differences between the two parties.

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    Dating Older Men Pros And Cons

    Dating older men has become a rapidly growing social phenomenon over the last 10 or 15 years.

    According to Age Match survey, there are a multitude of reasons for this growth but is primarily a result of changing, more liberal, social attitudes and, of course, the way modern day communications are instant and far-reaching - you can be in touch with almost anyone almost anywhere in the world in seconds!

    Throughout history, younger women have looked to date older men, perhaps seeing them as some sort of “father figure”. However, as with any relationship, there are pros and cons and dating older men is no exception.

    From the perspective of a younger woman, some of these pros and cons may include:

    The older man is usually more mature than his younger contemporaries and almost certainly has far more life experience; he will be sure to know how to treat a younger woman well.

    On the other hand, many older men have some “baggage” from previous relationships, such as children or ex-wives who, whilst not permanently in the picture, may cause some disharmony.

    Younger women are often attracted to the power and standing an older man has, especially as he is very likely to be in a senior position in business—maybe a company director. Yet sometimes the older man may appear to be more devoted to his business than his younger woman; there have been cases where it has been difficult for a younger woman to break into the business circle of her older man, especially if she is perceived as being relatively young and inexperienced.

    An older man can make sure that the financial needs of his younger woman are well catered for but, sometimes may demand more of her attention than if she was with a younger man, who is still prone the syndrome of wanting to go out and about with his friends; some younger women feel an older man is more possessive.

    If a younger woman is looking for a man who is at the cutting edge of fashion and/or the latest technological gadgets or social media, then maybe an older man is not for her. Of course, the older man will almost certainly have interest in these areas but tastes and likes will differ—especially on the tech side given that many older men would have grown up without Facebook or Twitter!

    Having said all this, there are pros and cons to any relationship and, at the end of the day, it all comes down to compatibility—and a large age-gap should not prevent a younger woman and older man from dating, and possible building a future for themselves!

    After all, age gap dating is one of the biggest phenomenon of our times!

  • Dating Advice for Dating Younger Women Posted by Admin

    dating advice for dating younger women

    Dating younger women has always been popular with older men.

    It’s just that, with changes in social attitudes over the last ten years or so, plus far greater opportunities for younger women to meet older men to date in view of instant accessibility over the internet or via a myriad of social media Apps, then more and more such relationships are evident on a day-to-day basis.

    Having said the above, for many older men dating younger women, getting started is not always easy; and, in many cases, dating younger women will be a new experience for them.

    So, to ensure you try to get started in the right way, here are some tips for dating younger women:

    always try to look your best: it’s worth bearing in mind when looking to date younger women that there will be serious competition from younger men. Whilst no-one expects you to be at the cutting edge of fashion, it will be a major advantage to present well in terms of dress sense and overall appearance; don’t dress too young but, more importantly, don’t dress as your father or grandfather might!

    keep reasonably up to date with recent trends: again, whilst most older men are computer savvy, the younger generation can probably win every time when it comes to computer and social media knowledge. Good advice to older men dating younger women is to be reasonably up-to-date and take a healthy interest in what your younger woman is interested in on the tech side.

    make sure you find the right channels: actually finding the right younger women to date is as challenging as finding someone of your own age; so do some “homework” and be well prepared and focussed. Naturally, the proliferation of internet dating sites specialising in age-gap dating has made things much easier but there are other ways such as introductions from friends or attending specially arranged functions for younger women looking for older men.

    don’t forget about the age-gap: in many cases the age-gap between younger women dating older men is at least 5 years but more likely to be 10-15 (or even more). It’s wise to bear in mind that there will be differences in the generational divide, no matter how compatible you are—and this is something to factor in to your relationship.

    find someone with some similar interests: many younger women are attracted to older men as a result of having similar interests in business, sport, leisure or even hobbies and this often forms a good, strong basis for a relationship. If at all possible, it’s well worth to try and find a younger woman who not only looks good but shares some of your own interests.

    Of course, there are many other factors which can help make or break a new relationship with a younger woman but, as long as you take a pragmatic view, then dating younger women can be very rewarding.

  • Dating Advice for dating older men Posted by Admin

    dating advice for dating older men

    Dating older men can be rewarding for both parties in the relationship.

    There are no longer the same social attitudes to younger women dating older men as even, say, 10 years ago; plus, the advent of instant communications via the internet and social media means that younger women can much more easily contact older men for dating.

    But, for younger women dating older men, here is some helpful dating advice in order to help a relationship move forward smoothly:

    older men are, naturally, more experienced and mature in dealing with life’s issues and foibles; as a consequence, younger women often tend to look to an older man for his advice and guidance; in fact, many younger women look for this protectiveness when dating older men

    it’s likely that the typical age-gap between older men and younger women may bridge a generation, usually with age differences being upwards of ten years and, no matter how compatible the parties are, generational differences can sometimes be very noticeable.

    For example, whilst a older man may be tech-savvy, he may not be at the cutting edge of the latest Apps or social media platforms—nor at the edge of the latest fashions—and the younger women will be admired if she is able to keep her older man smart (in both tech and fashions terms) but not appearing as if he is simply trying to regain lost youth!

    show some interest in your older man’s interest and hobbies; it’s unlikely that he’ll still want to be spending as much time with his friends as when he was younger—and, conversely, maybe even more time with you. Encourage your older man to have a range of interests, and maybe even join him on some of his leisure activities

    it’s likely that your older man is already well established in his career and may be well be in a senior or powerful position (many younger women find this irresistibly attractive). If you are dating such an older man, you will have to be sure to present well at company or business functions and display suitable maturity for the situation—this includes the way you dress, talk and behave generally

    don’t be overly concerned if your older man has children from a previous relationship; he is now dating you and, hopefully, your relationship will find positives from his previous experiences. Most younger women come to terms with an older man having to spend time with his children and often develop a strong relationship with them

    All in all, the numbers of younger women dating older men is on a huge upswing, especially with the modern mobility of people. In fact, according to some recent surveys, more than 50% of younger women consider dating an older man as acceptable and feel it’s likely that they may do so in their lifetime!

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