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  • First Blog Here and I'm on Vacation
  • As I wrote above, I'm on vacation. I've been on a condo at the beach for five days now and tomorrow is my last full day before I make the trek back home. A couple of days ago I saw a school of dolphins, it's always a rare treat. I was out on the deck drinking coffee that morning, looking at the waves. No one was out yet or at least not within my visual range. I saw the first fin and it was up and back down followed by another close by. I saw a few of them swimming eastward. Wow...
  • I straddle the line between genius and insanity. Guess which side I'm on now?
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Back to Square One Posted on Oct 05, 2012 at 03:43 AM

I meet someone who is nice, witty, charming... and she is in need of a rescue. These things a person can tell and if you feel that is the case, don't ignore it. So, I'm back to my search.

Ladies, if you are attempting to scam, I have you pegged by the second e-mail. If you are looking for someone to rescue you but aren't interested in me, I'm not desperate.

I'm looking for the real thing and I'm late for work which have nothing to do with each other but I'm looking at the clock!

A weekend and I'm sick. Posted on Sep 15, 2012 at 12:05 PM

A week plus a few days at the office with people coming in, coughing and what-not I finally caught it yesterday afternoon. I was going to go out of town this weekend and I'm glad I didn't make reservations after all.

I was going to rent a small cabin in the mountains for the weekend for the peace and quiet. It allows me to think, plan, but mainly to get away from here for a while. Instead, I'm lying in bed with the chills and some nausea. So much for getting that haunted house I wrote about in the other blog for this weekend.

So what do people do when they get like this? In fact, what do you do? I'm curious as to how people deal with this sort of thing.

I've been watching YouTube videos, looking at some computer languages to see what else I can learn and use, and cabins for the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend which I've already booked one earlier today.

No appetite so I've munched on a few crackers and have been drinking hot tea all day. I think I'll find a movie on TV. Maybe Robocop Meets Bambi.

"You've seen him in action before. Half man, half machine, all justice. You've seen her before. The little deer that befriends a skunk named Flower. Can these two combined forces combat the sinister mastermind who threatens to turn Mars into another Disney World?" Rated PG-13.

Considering I just wrote that, I am sick. Where's the remote?

Lego Haunted House Posted on Sep 05, 2012 at 04:22 PM

I just got the catalog in from the Lego store. (Yes, I'm a child at heart.) I have been collecting the winter scenes that come out each year and making a display with them but this catalog had something it looks like for Halloween and it's quite cool looking. The ghosts glow in the dark! :)


It has a little over 2000 pieces but Legos are pricey so I don't know. I mean, this thing is about $180 USD. I do like making animations so I might try a stop motion animation if I do get it.


Anyway, one of the reasons I blog is to give the ladies a glimpse into my mind. If you come into it, just push aside the empty bottles, and becareful not to step on the cookies that fell on the floor three weeks ago. I'll never get the crumbs out of my brain!


So, yes. When I say I am a child like heart, rest assured when you (if you decide I'm the one and vice-verse) come into my home you'll find I am really out there. Hopefully you'll find it fascinating and fun. Uh oh, the red-headed one just stepped on a chocolate chip cookie! I told you to be careful. Now my mind is not only cluttered but has crumbs everywhere. Oh the broken potato chips? Oh that, well that's um easy to explain you see it was all... rats I can't blame it on anybody. I got hungry one night and you know how unruly potato chips can be!


So anyway, back on track. It's got borded (the house not the brain) windows, a zombie chef, a zombie butler, a vampyre and his bride. I already mentioned the ghosts. Knowing me, I'll be buying it this weekend and begin putting it together. LOL!!!


Great, now I stepped on a cookie.

Beware of Scammers Posted on Sep 01, 2012 at 06:48 AM

Well, I've run into one. Guys, here's how it works and what to avoid:

First, she's beautiful. Her pictures are like those of a model and in fact her photos look professional.

Second, she has either money but it is tied up in some sort of investment. (This is important for later.)

Third, she is in a vulnerable situation. Either she has no family, or her family is unable to help.

Fourth, she is in a foreign country but could be a U.S. citizen.

Fifth, she falls in love with you after a few e-mails.

Sixth, she finally has some sort of financial crisis and turns to you for financial help with the promise of repayment after some deal goes through or when she returns to the U.S.

Seventh, she is willing to drop everything to be with you in a few weeks, move in and marry you.

Eighth, she talks about "God" a lot to give her the appearance of someone who is good.


If I think of others I'll write them down.

I'm going to be late for work but I had to blog anyway. :) Posted on Aug 23, 2012 at 03:27 AM

This one has to be quick. I just haven't written in over a month.

So far my endeavors have sort of been successful but nothing has panned out. The search continues for the right one. Heck, I'll take the left one if she exists. I'd take both but then you know how it gets, there's the cat fights, the pillow fights, and lastly ganging up on poor innocent me. So, no just one will suffice.

I had something going for a short while and then the bubble burst. Ladies, please be honest with me or anyone for that matter because suddenly when we discover something major that was lied about, we suddenly find we are talking to a different person and have to rediscover you. And guys this goes for you too. She will like you for who you are or not. Sooner or later the real you will come out.

And now, I'm really going to be late! I have to run, well actually drive. It's a thirty-five mile trip and I don't think I can get there fast enough on foot. Besides, the car has air conditioning.

On the prowl again Posted on Jul 29, 2012 at 07:26 PM

Ladies, women, girls of all ages (well legal anyway like 18 or over) come one, come all to the Dingaling Bros', Bar-none and Bailey's Irish Cream circus. In the center ring, we have Oddball the Clown! Boooo.

Okay, so the red nose and floppy shoes are not a way to get a woman's attention or at least not in the way that says, "Hey, I'm serious!" With that said, let me put away the makeup and the flaming red wig and I shall regale you with who I am and my desires.

I am 6' 2", Caucasian, with black hair and a little grey in the temples and slightly intermixed. I probably have a picture on my profile if memory serves me correctly. I'm slender, not thin as I am within the normal weight limit for my height but on the lower end of it. I have brown eyes and when I brushed this evening found I still have all of my teeth.

People have asked me if those are real, pointing to my chest. Yes, they are. No silicone in there. Nope. I'm as flast chested as a man can get. Hopefully you don't mind. I save on not worrying about support bras. Where was I? Oh yes... I'll have to let you know what side items comes with your entre.

I've got a sense of humor, it's a bit whacked as you can tell and always spontaneous. I want to grow up to be just like Weird Al Yankovich, minus the hair and mustache and the accordian.

I play the guitar as a hobby although I've played in garage bands too for the fun of it. I picked it up quickly and have been playing for almost thirty-five years, give or take a day.

By profession, I am a senior software engineer. You don't have to worry about me lying on the couch unemployed demanding a beer. Nope. I'll be employed while lying on the couch demanding a beer. It's at this point that she usually storms off and says, "My mother was right about you!" Maybe I should work on that. Anyway, I digress.

I program computers for both profession and as a hobby. It's why I'm good at it because I have a job that I love doing. I consider myself successful. I also write romantic poetry when inspired, romantic short stories about my visions of what a relationship would be like. It always has a happy ending. I also speak Esperanto and used to some Klingon (yes it is actually a language but I'll not venture from the topic for now.) I also have written songs, am interested in making an animated movie now for the fun of it, I'm working on an artificial intelligence system for profit as well as to automate the house. I'm sure I've left out some stuff but you get the point. I'm unusual but wouldn't change anything to fit in. I'm quite comfortable being me.

This is going to sound trite and cliche but it's what I am. In eleven days I'll be going to a beach in Florida, alone. I love the beach, the ocean, the sea gulls, sandpipers, sand crabs... If I get a good sunset I'll go on the deck and watch it as it goes into the ocean. I would love to walk with someone along the shoreline and talk about our dreams and desires, our future together. So, I will walk the shoreline alone this year but maybe next year it will be with the one I love, whomever and wherever you are.

Distance doesn't bother me as if I find her and she's on the other side of the world, then she is worth whatever I must do to be together.

What I look for in a woman: Love. Someone who would have a wonderful time whether we were in a movie theater watching the latest flick on opening night, or in the entertainment room of the house with a bowl of popcorn and a cheesy B grade movie. Oh, and likes watching a clown play an accordian while riding a unicycle, not that I've ever ridden an accordian or watched a unicycle ride a clown... see? You've got me flustered already and I haven't met you! :)

Last Day in Florida Posted on Aug 26, 2011 at 11:07 AM
Has anyone ever done something really dumb before? I see everyone has their hand up except the guy in the fifth row. It must be nice to be perfect. Anyway, yesterday afternoon I was reading the instructions about checking out of here and it said to unplug the toaster and coffee maker. So I unplugged two things and then noticed that the toaster got quiet. Odd, I didn't realize it made a noise. It was the refrigerator I supposed and that it was just going through a cycle. Later on I went to pull the ice cream out and I had something akin to a soupy milkshake. The last meal I had was also thawed out. So I went out for lunch today at some place called Whataburger. It's kind of like Burger King only different. I'll go out again tonight for my final meal here. The refrigerator is running again thanks to my keen sight that it was a three pronged plug I pulled and that the toaster's white two pronged plug was already laying beside it.