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  • Hi all you lovely's, i finally got the chance to get back and write something in here. LOL! I'm living in Brampton Ontario and i'm looking for a nice, honest and fun younger woman to get together with on occasion for movies, dinner, drinks and maybe some intimacy we both lack in our lives and see where it leads us. I'm not restrictive to the young but i myself have alot of energy and ALOT of stamina intimately and get along best with woman in their low 20's or so. Write me if your in...

  • These are just my own thoughts and doesn't mean i'm right, still friends? :) :)
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X-mas all alone Posted on Dec 06, 2007 at 12:59 PM
Well it's 2 1/2 weeks until christmas is here and i've still not found a potential partner to share this special time of year with. For the most part being single doesn't bother me but i have to admit that certain times of the year being alone is not the greatest feeling. Christmas being one of them, Valentines would be another. I'm still crossing my fingers and trying to stay positive but it's not really looking like my hopes will be answered, AGAIN! lol I certainly hope everyone else out here will have someone to share their times with this year.
I'll do it because i love him! Posted on Nov 10, 2007 at 06:34 PM
Well! after all our efforts and discussions, i've just found out that my son has quit school. He's turning 18yrs old next week, i was planning something special for his B-day. I believe both his mother and i have done a good job raising him, we always let him know the importance of a dollar and that education is important in obtaining those dollars. A few years ago he started doing poorly in school and talking of leaving but thought he would overcome that with the knowledge kids know today. Recently though i've found out he's no longer attending school at all. At first i felt very angry but thank god i didn't hear it while he was around to act on that feeling, as now after thinking about it i feel like ofcoarse trying to change his mind but he's my son so i need to help him get started in the work force as his resume will be blank. That may have worked in my days but not in todays working society, if i don't he will end up living in the streets some day. In many cases i would let people learn their lifes lessons on their own but this is my son and this decision as bad as it was could ruin his life, i can't just sit and let that happen because outside of this bad decision he is a good boy and i love him with all my heart. What i do know however is he will not get a free ride, he's going to learn about his own responsibilities very quickly as a result, not to mention how it effects both myself and his mother who will now need to far as he knows, my support payments are something i no longer have to give. i'll probably still help her out a bit but his state is her fault aswell, it's mine to but i only saw him every few weeks and did the best i could with all her lies and secrets from me. My head is going a mile a minute now hoping i give the help he needs without losing perspective on his adult decision.
Does wanting younger mean i'm a perv? Posted on Oct 28, 2007 at 03:57 PM
I'm wondering? I seem to get along better with women who are younger than myself, oddly i used to get along better with older women when i was a teenager. lol I've always been fairly active though and quite sexual, not to say it's all about sex but in the bedroom or out my stamina and excitement seems to stir more with the younger females. So far all my relationships have turned out as short term and somewhat on the more physical side but i'm totally open to something more, usually i believe that's their choice. I'm wondering if finding myself more attracted to and more satisfied in the company of younger women at my age makes me a perv, should i believe in my heart and that i'm just more compatible with them at this stage of my life?