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  • You must keep on trying and not lose faith.Do not get discouraged.I know it can be hard,however think of things you can do.You are on this site.It is for age-gap relationships.Write e-mails and such.Most members here list what age-range they seek.If you are in that range,you should contact them.Anyhow,I do wish you luck.

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On This Day Posted on Sep 11, 2011 at 12:18 PM
On this day,the ten annivesary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks we should all take time to remember the 3000 persons who lost their lives a decade ago.We must never forget them,no matter how much time passes.
Hey,Guys Our Relationships May Really Be Going To The Dogs Posted on Aug 25, 2011 at 06:33 PM
I heard on the radio this week that some women actually spend more time talking to their dogs than their husbands or boyfriends.And to think that some of us are worried about another guy.When the real rival may be Fido.Is it too much to ask that it would have least be a human being,rather than a four leg animal?The fact that a woman would prefer to talk to a four legged animal has got to be a blow to a guy,s ego.maybe,if your wife or girlfriend want to buy a dog,that is when you should get jealous?
Hey.Jag 6000.Maybe You Should Check This Out Posted on Jun 17, 2011 at 05:05 PM
I know you read these blogs Jag.This woman send me a wink.However,she is in England not the United States.Her profile is goodgirkbecky.She is 27 years old.Maybe you may be interested.If so,good luck.
Great News Posted on May 02, 2011 at 07:19 PM
Osama Bin Laden is finally dead.No one should feel sorry for this guy.In the 9-11 attacks he orchestaed the murders of over 1000 persons.Not to mention all the victims overseas.This is a cause for celebration.Justice took a long time in coming.However,it has finally arrived,after almost 10 years.Of course,unfortunately this won,t means the end of all terrorism.However,still it is a major turning point.It kind of a similar feeling as when they rejoiced in the Wizard Of Oz that the wicked witch was finally dead.Got to give Barack Obahma credit for this.
Why? Do You Really Know Or Not? Posted on May 01, 2011 at 09:17 AM
Why do women feel attraction towards some guys?Do you really or not.That is not being sarcastic.Do you know why it happens or just it just happens and you do not know the reasons?
Changed My Mind Posted on Dec 25, 2010 at 08:35 PM

I changed my mind.I now believe that e-mails are more effective than winks.It shows the woman you are more confident.Something they like.Just hope they are not going to the scammers.Can ignore and report those.Happy New Year and good luck in 2011.

Winks versus e-mails Posted on Jul 31, 2010 at 05:48 PM

Was going through the blogs here a while back.Notice some persons said they were ignoring winks.One woman said the guy should be willing to talk to her.I must now take issue with this viewpoint.Was sending e-mails.Hoewever,am now giving it a rest.Maybe,I will change my mind.For now,I am not sending e-mail.The reason being  I send a bunch of e-mails out and later it turned out  a lot of these persons was kicked off this site because they violated the service agreement.Now,if I go to the trouble of writing a e-mail I would like to know the recepient is for real.Interesting enough,all these persons contacted me by sending me winks.Also they wanted my personal e-mail address right away.I am a PREMIUM MEMBER,so I am willing to spent the money.However,I would like to save my time for the sincere ones.On another subject I read that when a woman post a profile on a on-line dating site ,she may get as many as 100 e-mails.Can any of you women tell us if this is really true?That is a lot of competition,right then if it is really true.Also,if you would not mind could you maybe give us guys some tips on how to get our e-mails noticed and get a response?If you do not mind.It may help us.Thank you,in advance.

How many persons are really sincere on this site? Posted on Jul 25, 2010 at 06:09 PM

I am getting a number of messages from this web-site in my e-mail that persons I am communicating with have their profiles blocked because they have violated the service agreement.While it is great they are catching these persons and getting rid of them,why are there so many on this site in the first place.It is really discouraging to find out so many persons you are in contact with have ulterior motives.Bluntly,I am asking myshelf what is the point.I do not like to waste my time.It is valuable to me.I am now wondering how many persons on this site is sincere or just have other motives.

This would be a great web-site if- Posted on May 31, 2010 at 05:35 PM

This would be a great web-site if the persons would all be honest in their profiles.When someone says in their profiles that they are here in the United States,I expect them to be in the United States,not some foreign country.It possible that I may consider going to some foreign country in time.Not Ghana or Nigeria,however.Nothing personal against persons in those countries.Too many sc ammers there,do not want to risk it.If you are in the United States and you then re-locate to some foreign country,then please take the time to change the location on your profile.Also if you are in a foreign country and you seems to be in a red-hot hurry to get marry,right away I am going to wonder if you are just trying to get American citizenship.In which case,you will probably just dump me once you get it.Just wanting to get that off my chest.I suppose a web-site like this dedicated to age-gap relationships will draw more persons with ulterior motives.After all,really how many women really want men much older than themsleves.Of course,a rare few will.How many of you guys have found out the woman who claimed to be in the United States,was actually in the  a foreign country?

What Memorial Day is really all about Posted on May 26, 2010 at 06:54 PM

Memorial Day is about more than a day off work and backyard barbeques,oh those things are fine.However,it really is about the brave persons who made the ultimate sacrifice and give their lives to protect our freedom.We should all take a little time to remember and reflect on that as well.

How about Filipina women Posted on May 21, 2010 at 06:49 PM

Once I read a blog here in which a man said he had a dream to find a younger woman,who wanted love and not money,and wanted a family.Yes,I can understand this,because I have similar goals.Now,if you are old and you have a milllion dollars(forget it,I do not,as least not yet.)and sure a younger woman  may be interested.Of course,she would probably be interested in your money and not really you.Some guys may be okay with this.Well.that their business.However,this guy wanted someone interested in love.Most of us do.As for wanting,a family that is also a common desire.Someone with these desires may sincerely want to consider the possibility of a Filipina women.I will explain why is just a moment.This site is I think one of the best online dating services.You I think can search here in other countries.I think including the Phillipines.Now,if you are on in years(like me) the Filipina woman will usually accept a man much older than myshelf.It is not uncommon for a Filipina as young as twenty to marry a man as old as 60.Here,than almosts never happens.Know of one Filipina woman who did not like older men.Still.most in that country do.They feel we are more mature.Of course there are other foreign countries,with similar altitudes.They also place a great importance on a happy and lasting marriage.They usually do not end in divorce.Some warnings,there are a few bad apples in every country(including the Phillipines).You must be very careful,there are some scammers there and some who will just use you to get into the United States.It may cost as much as $10,000 to get a annulment.You see divorce is illegal in the Phillipines.That one expensive mistake.Another thing is that some areas of the Phillipines have a lot of radical muslims.However,Cebu is for example pretty safe.The radical muslims are usually in the southern Phillipines.Stiill,despite the few bad apples,most of these women are good,sweet persons only looking for love.If you have the money maybe you should consider the trip.Of course you should make prior contact with a few of these ladies first.Yes,you must make a trip to the Phillipines.Immigration laws require it if you ever decides to marry one of these ladies.They can not come to see you,since they are unable to get a visa.Just a possibilty some of you guys may want to be consider,Only ask lots of questions and make sure it is not a scammer or someone who just want to use you for a free ride to get into the United States.

Rejections and the number game Posted on May 20, 2010 at 08:22 PM

Most of us came to this site to find someone.They suggest sending 10 e-mails per day may increase your chances of success.I am sure it would,however,I and others  may not have time to send that many.Suppose,you send out some e-mails and get no response.What should you do? could go to bed and pull the covers up over you.However,I guarantee that won,t help you.You must be able to withstand rejection.The problem is a lot of persons take it personally and give up trying.Why did they not answer?Maybe they were not interested,you were not the person they were looking for,or have already found someone,or even did not visit the site recently.We all  get rejected at times,it just life.What you should do is keep on trying.Such as sending out e-mails and such,despite rejections.Tom Jackson in his book(Guerilla Tactics in the Job Market)said when you are looking for a job,you will keep hearing no over and over again until you finally hear yes,and that yes is all you need.Now,I know we are not looking for work on this site.However,the same principle hold true.If you can withstand the rejections and you must in order to accomplish your will find someone who is interested.It will take time,I do not know how much,however it should happen.You may be happy and smiling then and any past rejections may not mean anything.

About photos Posted on May 20, 2010 at 08:05 PM

Some users on this site do not have photos.I can understand they may not have a digital camera or maybe do not know how to up-load a photo.Because I had some problems,myshelf.however,you should realize that you may get less relplies,e-mails and winks.Personally,I do not care what someone look like,that has nothing to do,with the inner person.That really what counts.however,it may unfortunately cut down on your chances of sucess.

Cougars and dirty old men Posted on May 19, 2010 at 06:58 PM

Well,I am getting old.Sad,but true.We all do.I do not know how many here watch the soon-to-be-cancelled series Lost.Very weird show.Anyhow there is a character in the show called Richard who never gets any older.Do we all not wish the same was true of  us.Well,unfortunately.that is just fantasy.As for the title of my blog ,those are 2 common names for those of us who seek younger partners.A cougar is of course a woman who seeks younger men.It is also the name of a predatory animal.Well,of course there are women seeking younger men on this site.It dedicated to age-gap relationships.Now a dirty old man is a man who seeks younger woman.Only some are doing it because they may desire family.The biological clock is strange.A woman biological clock runs out earlier.Maybe at early as 37 in some cases.Of course women have children in rare cases even in their 50s ,with fertility treatments.Still,childbirth is always dangerous and more so at that age.A man can still have children even as late as his eightys.No,I not that old,yet,thanks god.Of course,the irony is most women who are young enough to still have children,won,t be interested in older men.Understandable.It could be a bit too much to handle.Fortunately,there are web-sites like this,when we can find them.As for cougars ,if you think a woman seeking younger men is bad,would you rather be pursue by  the other type of cougar?I am not seeking a older woman,since I hope to eventually have one child.However,if I had that out of the way,I may be game.Sometimes,I think it may be hypocrtitical on my part.Anyhow as long as the persons involved are adults and they are both okay with it,they should not be bother by what others think.They also say december-may relationships never work.Well,maybe usually they do not work.However,sometimes they do.Look Aston Kutchner and Demi Moore are still together right and there are others.Well,good luck to all on this site in finding someone.