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Wondering. . . ?

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March 12 I find myself wondering about the men who are on this site? They are probably like the men you find in *real life* but it's just more difficult to be discriminating when you can't easily "read" them. It seems that some are genuine. Others are very clearly "just looking for sex." A relationship is not included. And there are the voyeurs and game players who are simply not serious at all. They just want to see who will bite. (The scammers, I think, fall into the latter category.) Of course, there are woman who also fall into these categories. In one of the forums, one woman showed real insight into how to deal with such problems. She asked questions. Good idea.

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Any dating site is like this. Don't waste your time on excessive emails--people 'write' a good game. I got all excited to meet a woman after 5 weeks of emailing and phoning. She was a total nut in person with zero mutual chemistry and she obfuscated her obviously failing health. My advice is 2-3 emails max with a person within a 40 min drive of you, then meet for a simple date like coffee in a public place to test the waters.

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I see you read my blog. Now, which category do you fall into? ;)

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hi ask away

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