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Posted on Feb 25, 2007 at 10:01 PM

Sex, it can be wonderful, fun, hot, and execiting between two people. Remember, age is only a number, now, older women find younger men, fun and sexy, the same with the older man and the younger women and vise versa. What to do, give in to it, and it may cost you your life, too. Now, when you do, where protection, because we still have those deadly diseases out there, even worst then S.T.Ds and Aids/HIV out there, I don't want to take the fun out of it, but I'm right, it's best that you wear protection[well, at least try] and you will enjoy it more, now, you may not like me for this, but, I would rather wait until I marry,[dumb, huh] sad, but true, and then there's something else,[and you may laugh]I'm afraid of sex, why, because if I let a man get close to me, I would run like crazy[even if it's a innocent hug, I will feel scared]sad, really. Because love has to be involved or it won't work[not with me] because I hate "One Night Stands" because I really had a bad experince with it, I'm different from other women, some will have the one night stands and they don't care about it or it won't bother them at all, but, it would bother me, because I know myself, if it happens I will want you even more or maybe fall in love with you[which most of you guys will hate that idea]but, that's me. and another shocker, I never had an orgasim in all the days of my life, not with no men ever. and that's even more sad and how embarassing that is, I guess I'm the only one whom is the freak here, sorry about that, now there are times whenever I see a young man out there I want to jump his bones so badly, but, I had to stop myself from doing it, or I'll reget it, but Ladies at times you can't help it, that urge will come up, and you must stop it at once, you don't want to be a whore for sure around that guy[s]but, I don't hate sex, I just haven't found the right man that would give me that wonderful, joyous feeling, from it ok. but, until then I just have to wait[remember, good things for those whom wait] so, take care and have a Blessed Day and Night.

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