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Posted on Mar 05, 2007 at 01:48 PM

I can love, one or two or even three Man or many, But, the question is, Will He love me unconditionally? including my faults, or anything in between? that's one of the toughest question in the world, will he ever love you for whom you are, Now, before I go into it, let's talk about this doctor whom surpposed to be an expert on Love and wrote books about it. Her name is Dr. Pat Love,{and you are going to love this}Dr.Love has this quiz test on how to deal with Good and Bad Women, also Good and Bad Men.{Oh, that's so cool!} now, listen, she said,"Why, are good women wants bad men, then good men?"{Do you just love this, I find that funny} But, she explain, that the reason we{good girls}love bad boys because, there's something in a bad men that's make us want them, and I know, it's called chemistry{Good or Bad} that's what we all have chemistry, and the reason why good women go's or fall in love with the bad men, because we find them exciting, fun, and sexy, good enough, and the same go's when good men wants a bad women, Now, if the bad women and bad men gets together, it may work, but it won't{because, they are too much alike} and the same go's with good women and a good men, it may workout or not{it depends on whom you are with} anyway, it may not work as well, because they are also alike too way too much, and what's the name, it's called oppisites attracts{another one} Remember, different things go's together, not the same thing, otherwised it won't be fun, will it, That's why, Good Men wants Bad Women, and Good Women wants Bad Men, because it's different and it's fun and exciting, ok. Now, as for taking that quiz, the Dr. said,"Everybody fails her test and nobody ever got it right no how," anyway, but I did it for fun, because it didn't matter to me one way or the other, because experts don't know the person or the human heart, and they don't, all that science and junk won't mean jack for the human heart, on when they or whenever they fall in love, and I be laughing at it, which I shouldn't and I do learn something from it, ok. Now as for me, I still do love two men here, but now they are gone, and moved on, but one made me feel so good, and the other I just want to jump into his bones, and you know the rest, and it doesn't matter to me, if they are Good Men or Bad Men, I just love Men period, I'll worry about those qualities later, but falling in love, now, that's another story, I hope and pray that they will comeback here, and I want to let them know, well at least one, if I have a chance with him or them, if he's really interested, Ladies, if you have a chance with one or the other, don't hesitate go for it, that's what's dating is all about{online or not} just go for it, be careful with caution of course, Because, of the Peditors out there, so be very careful, ok. Now, about the Man that I really love, but, he's not! His name is Jesus Christ, he was once a Man, but now he's God, Now, Gentlemen, if Jesus was still a Man, you would all be jealous of him, or hate him for loving the Ladies, and Men of course, because he's perfect in everyway, and a whole lot more, but he really came to save us{More like fate worst then death situation} From going to Hell of course, and not to be with Satan, he died because he loves us, and he wants us to be with him, and you won't reget it either, just believe he died for your sins, and repent and call his name, and you will be saved, now, that's love eternal, now, some won't believe it, and you say "I'm nuts," that's all right, I have been called worst, this is no different, I'm telling the truth, Jesus came to this world to save it, not to condemn it, just read the bible, you can't go wrong, I'll write it next time, on more on Jesus, ok. I just wrote this so you can understand were I coming from, because, it's not easy for me to find a good and true Man out there or here, you ladies know what I mean, so take care everyone and have a Blessed Day and Night, lol and hugs and kisses from I.

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