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I'm Really Hot For The Younger Men

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Posted on Apr 10, 2007 at 05:14 PM Total posts: 37
I'm really hot for younger Men, because they are hot, sexy, and fun, and they turn me on, now, this don't usually happen to me, it's exciting, and yet scary. Me, scary of Men? no way! with these young guys around, I just don't know where to turn too. you young Gentlemen here, you just don't know what you do to me, you bring the She-WereWolf in me, but, if she ever comes out, she will howl{moon or no moon} she gets hot, sexy herself, she would talk to Men, like sweetly from a candy store, but, mature-like from o movies, first she's dances with them{the Tango} and then she will sing so sweetly to them in their ears, and touching their sweet lips to kiss{Oh, baby!} and I can't say anymore naughty talk, you know trouble, but, the passions and the desires, the agony and the ecstasy, and how can you bring daylight and darkness at the same time, and making love in the rain,{I guess I'm taken to the max with this} and that's why, I'm here for, getting to know, and meeting them, but, I still miss my young Mr.C, where ever he may be, please, come back to me. anyway, well, my She-WereWolf won't come out for a while anyway, but, I still want to be with them, laughing, singing and dancing, and having fun, watching them smiling, and having fun with I also, but, I still want to kiss their sweet lips, and give them two roses{one white, and one red} for them to have, those roses mean something to me, now, if are smart, they will know, no matter what{mistake or not} but, to all the Men here and out there{old or young}you all need sweet, love from all us beautiful women now, and more so then ever. so, take care everyone, and have a nice, sweet day to all, Yours,Truly.