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Posted on Apr 07, 2007 at 03:02 PM

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and now, Easter. I usually don't like holidays too much, they can overrate them, other then what they are. But, I do know about Easter, Because, after Christ had died on the cross, he was risen from the dead, and he got the keys to{Death, Hell, and Heaven} I know you all don't want to hear that, but, that's ok though. Well, let's talk about Men, period. "What did happen to all the Good Men?" I'll tell ya{Married, Gay, Taken or become Hermit in the Woods} that's my theory on it. Now, if I'm wrong? then prove it to I then. I believe there are many Men, but, not enough good Men, but, much-more bad ones{ now, this really sucks!} Boy! what a world we live in. I guess the good Men have gone, but, somewhere, and it's sure not here.{ this still sucks!} and female advicer said,"Don't date or bother with bad Men{they are HeartBreakers, true, but, what can we do?} but, these good Men are so picky and so choosy about the Women they want in their lives, then what do they want?{then, please, find a Stepford Women then} You won't find those kinds here, or out there either, and that's where the problems comes in for them, they want those, to-perfect-virgin-types, then all you Men will be remaining single for the rest of your lives, to find that kind of Women here, or out there, and even being a Christian Man,{you, all are the same, like the Non-Christian ones here, too!} I'm sorry Gentlemen, you have to accept us as we are, we can do that for you,{why, is there a problem then, then it must be?} if you all are not willing to deal with us as real Women{still, too much expectiations, then} and how do you know, until, you get to know one of us. To:The good Men,"Why, come here? and your not happy here, and let us be, then, and leave then, and make room for the real good ones to come here, ok!"{well, in general then}and, that's why, I'm in love with a Man, but, he's not, and that's Jesus Christ{why, say that? and why, not then.} Because, you Men want those beautiful Maiden-types for your girlfriends and wives, not us beautiful real Women here, sorry, that's the world that we are living in now, until death. what more could I say, so, what do you Men think? {Like, any real Men here would come and give me some answers, yeah, right, like this is going to happen, and it never will} well, I guess that I'm right about this for sure. so take care, and have a Happy, Blessed Easter to all here, Yours, Truly.

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