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Posted on Apr 14, 2007 at 08:18 AM

I came here to blog, and I thought it would be real fun, to communicate with beautiful people here, and have fun, and enjoy reading their bloglands, and if you like to view them, or even comment on them, or give advice, that's all, and no harm done. But, resently I've been having trouble with certain people here{they know whom they are} Won't just let go, and leave well-enough alone, and you know, I feel sorry for them, because they don't have nothing better to do, but, pick on I, and it's sad though, and I don't know why either, I thought these special, but, beautiful people have a good thing going with themselves, and others here, and I don't hate them either, I just feel sad for them, because instead of being happy that they are here, at AgeMatch, having fun, not only enjoying themselves and for others, but instead, it's fuuny though, they haven't found no Men to communicate with, and if they did, and why, these Men won't come on their bloglands to keep them busy, strange, huh? I know they are good people and all, but, no Males to keep their minds busy on them, still sad though, that's why these certain people can only communicate with each other, that's cool, but, what about the Men here, for them no go huh, but, my main reason is to find a good decent Man here, and I like blogging, no matter what, and I don't care if, or of bunch of certain fools, don't get it, then they are ones with the problems, not I,{and, I hate to say this again} so, they must like me or something, and I find that funny too, because they can't get enough of me, I never in my life{ha ha ha, he he he hehe, ha ha!}can't get enough of licking my wee wees, cool, is in it, and that's wow! and now, I know they will come up with another comment about I again, that's cool, because I will be laughing at them, on how silly they are, and those poor Darlings, they just don't know, and I still like them, even when they don't like me, and that's funny, I can't take it{laughing, ha ha ha, ha ha he he he he he, ha ha ha ha he he, ha} just laughing my head off, anymore of this, I won't be able to finish on what I said, you see these Darlings are making me laugh already, and I enjoy it too, but, on a serious note: I could only pray for their lost souls, I like nothing better to tell them about the Lord Jesus Christ, you see I pray for those whom mock at me, or afraid on what they don't understand, and the one whom is the Christian here should know, that if she is the Christian advicer here, she{she knows whom she is} would understand what I'm saying to her. So, you must know about Jesus, dying on the cross, and die for our sins, right? and you about{John 3:16} right? and{1 John 8:24}and{Romans 10:13}and{Titus 3:5}and{Ephesians 2:8-9}and{Romans 3:23} for this Christian Sister or anybody here to look up and understand why, should I be bitter with people whom are Spiritual lost, and I do pray for my enemies, even if they don't need it, and if you read the bible, then you will understand, sure I'll be laugh at, teased, or more, that's alright, because I got Jesus with I, and I pray that Jesus are with you my Darlings, because the enemy{Satan} want you to attack I or anybody else in this manner anyway, because you are doing his work, and he's enjoying on what you are doing to me anyway. I pray that you will get it, before it's too late, sure you can call me anything you want, but, it won't change on what you do to me, or the others here, ok. sad though, but, I will be praying for you anyway, and that's why, I'm called BlessedLove, because I'm blessed by the love of Jesus, ok, got it? and you don't care anyway, and that's my reason ok. so, take care, and have a Blessed Day and Night, lol, and Yours,Truly.

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