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Love, Don't Come Easy For Me

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I'm the most unwanted, and unloved person, right now, Why? because no Man would want me as I am, sad, but true, now if I did, It would be shocker for me, and younger Men would run from me, while an older Men would laugh at me or both, boy! it's hard being a Woman whom has a whole lot of loving and giving to him that he would run and hide from me and I can't blame him, I would too, Becuase good Men hates Women like me, and I don't know why either, but still I would like a Man that would tell me, why? in general, I guess I'll never know, but yet I love Men like crazy[young and old]but, can't stand me, like today, a young healthy Man was at the store doing inventory and as I looked, we were talking about elbow room, and I kept looking, and I said,"he looks good!" I didn't mean too, but he was cute, and sweet, and if I stayed any longer, I would start to blush, and get that feeling[not, of lust] but flirty, and having naughty thoughts of him there, so I left[sorry!]I'm a Women whom likes Men alot, but Men don't like me at all, boy! what a bummer! I pray that one day a Man would like me at least, ok. so take care and have a Blessed Day and Night.

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