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Lovers Day {2/14} Is The Scarest Day For Me

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Posted on Feb 06, 2007 at 08:30 AM Total posts: 37
It should be the happiest day of my life, right? wrong! it would be the saddest for me. While everyone else be happy with their boyfriends and girlfriends, and couples and lovers and husbands and wives, being in love, having fun, holding hands and kissing each others, and I be momorzied by it, and then I start to cry, because everytime I see it, I cry even more, and seeing the beautiful birds singing, and even dancing sometimes, and sun is shining and the skies are beautifully clear and blue, and feeling the wind blowing in my face, and I be thinking about flowers, of all colored beautifully, and smell the freshly cut green grass, and smelling the clean air[these are the stories I can write about] about lovers meeting or loving couples loving each other each day of their lives, but not I, because real Men[young or old]don't like me, for some reason, and it's sad, because I don't have nothing against Men either, but somehow they run real fast from me, like Medusa was behind me or something, and that hurts, it hurts me to my heart, and way deep down inside, I'm just waiting for the earth to open up and just dropped in it, until it's over or just cry some more, then it will be over, or will it? Until....He comes into my life, smiling at me, with flowers in his hands[of all kinds and beautiful colors]with his handsome face, and nicely build-body, with the most beautiful colored-eyes I have ever seen in my life, then all of sudden the beautiful birds started to singing to us, and we are having fun, and we are enjoying each other and life with each other, only if it was true, but in the meantime I can only enjoy the dreams that I have with him, everyone, ok. but, I will pray about it, ok. So, take care everyone and have a Blessed Day and Night, and lol.
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