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Posted on Mar 23, 2007 at 08:56 PM

Now, last time as I was saying, when I get that natural high, I be other then I am, not angry or abusive, just natural at being high, but, there's a naughty side to it too,{and that's what I'm afraid of,} When my naughty side really comes out, "Watch out!" Now, let me explain,:Now, lets say that I see a picture of a Gentlemen here, and I want to e-mail him here, I could say something simple in his e-mail, then it gets started, I feel it coming on real strong, and times I can't control it,{then at times I can}as I look at the picture{not too long}then something like a werewolf comes out and I go{ohhhoooooooooooooo}and I start laughing{not evil, but, pleasent but, low}more like silly, then I start to think of naughty things, then I say them without warning, sometimes, when I catch myself, but here comes the biggy, my nature starts to rise, and it rises, until........ it's over. This don't usually happens all the time, this only happens once in a blue moon, do I have it now? no! but it can happen, but I just don't know when, but it can, I don't know when, anyway, that's what happens to me when I get that natural high, so, Gentlemen if it happens please warn me ok, it's harmless, trust me, it is, the only cure, just let it wear off, like any other high when someone drinks, and that's that, so anyway take care everyone, and you all have a Blessed Day and Night, lol and hugs from I.

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