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Posted on Mar 31, 2007 at 08:48 AM

I didn't know I had to get permission to go on to other blogs, and I did invite someone here to join or to see my blogs, I guess she wasn't interested, just like the rest of you. Most, of you can write all kinds of mess here, and to get away with saying what you want here, well, think again folks, it really doesn't work that way, When I started blogging, I like to write{good or bad}I enjoy writing, and I like going to other blogs, just to express or view a few opinions, that's all, but, yet, you certain Women here{ and, you know whom you are!} have the right to put me down here? no way in Hades you do! it was out of hatred and jealousy, that's all, and how sad it for you two to feel that way about people that you don't know nothing of, now, when I came on one of your blogs, Ladies, it wasn't out of petty jealousy, it was out of concern and kindness, and respect, but, noooo! you two certain Women had to come with your sicking, trifling ways about yourselves to me here,{ and, you know whom you are, the one that wrote"Cursed Loved"} but, I'll tell you two so-n-so's one thing"I will never ever come on your blogs again!" with you two I have to spray Raid on you two cockroaches here, but, I wouldn't dare come there, and I don't care if you two don't like me either, that's your problem, not mines, because when I came there on your blogs, I really did like you two, and I was going to ask you and the others to invite you to see, and to view my Blogs here, rather if you like it or not, but forget it, you two turkeys blew that, I'll go to the mature crowd ones blogs, not no trifling fools, that call themselves Women here, and I don't hate you two, I just feel sorry for you two, but, don't worry I won't bother you or your blogs no more, and I do forgive you two for being what you are, I'm been called worst, on another site, and so, if everyone wants to express or defend these Ladies here, then be my Guest, Because I won't be talked down like a dog here by no one! I will fight, that's a fact{jack}! and the rest of you would do the same thing too{and, please, don't give that, I do not, stupidness because you do!} sorry, I had to be that way, {my apologies to AgeMatch Staff here} believe me I came here with good intentions here, not to start trouble here, if I did, I'm sorry. What was I surpposed to do? let them attack me like a pack of wild jackels on me? no way in hades that I would, and you all would've done the same thing as well{both, Ladies and Gentlemen, just understand, and be real about it} So, take care everyone, and you all have a Blessed Day and Night, lol, and hugs from I.

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