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Posted on Mar 23, 2007 at 05:28 PM

Do anybody ever get natural high? Well, I do! big time! you see it comes unexpected, and boy, when it comes forget it, it comes at full force, at times, and I hate it, now, at times I really like it, and I have alot of fun, and it can be naughty at times{well, a little too naughty} at one time in another site, I use to e-mail a nice Gentlemen once{Oh, he was young 31, handsome, sweet, and so sexy} anyway, when I was e-mailing him on that site, I was ok, then here it comes my natural high, to ruin everything, when it happen I was in another world, I started to feel high, and I didn't even had a drink yet either, and then I started to say to him"You know what, you are turning me on, and it's something about you,{then}what are you doing to me, to make me feel this way about you, I could kiss you and hold you real tight, and I want to make love to you" then I said,"Oh, my did I say that, I'm sorry," and so I said, "I better go, see ya next time, take care." and it was embarass by it, some thing in me began to change in me, and it's not me I tell ya, that was a first, in so many years, from having a natural high, and this will continue, also, sorry there will be in the next one. so take care, and have a Blessed Day to all.

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