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Posted on Mar 09, 2007 at 10:22 PM

Throughout the years, Most Older Men always loved Younger Women, the same go's for Older Women loves Younger Men{vise versa} it's been like that since the days of Adam and Eve time, and after and more so now, Now, when I was younger, I loved older men, because this saying:What comes with age is wisdom{ more so for the older generation} and I didn't know why at the time, but, I do now, I was married to an older man once, but not no more, because he mistreated me so badly, so, I divorced him, and single again{it's been over 10 to 20 years or more} But, he was the wrong one for me, it's not that I hate older man now, it's just that they always want younger women, and always the ones that I want, and that's the story of my life, older men wanting younger women, and the younger man are just as bad, but for me, either{young or old} never really liked me, like, I said before,"I really like two younger Men here, but to them, I cease to exist, and still that's another story of my life, and they are gone or they hide their profiles or something, but, the funny thing is, I'm doomed not to love any Man in this life, but, only two do, but they are not Men at all, one is Jesus, and the is my Dream Man{so, go on laugh at me} but, Jesus won't or my dream man, How? One day, I was depressed, lost, and alone, and no man won't love me anyway, they will all laugh at me, then one day, I saw this young man here, and he looked like my dream man, with glasses, tall, handsome, nice hair, and the most beautiful hazel eyes that I ever seen, then I said,"No! he's not real, it's all in my mind, but, I keep seeing him on other occasions, and he would run from me everytime I see him, then I said,"What's wrong with me, why, would he run from me?" and as I got home, I started to cry, and cry, then I said,"What's the use I give up!" I thought about suicide then, my life would be over,I thought about how many ways to kill myself, day after day, then a daydream happen, I was on an island alone, and my body was covered with all kinds of flowers{my dream}I'd played there, swim, and you know how those islands are, anyway, I saw a young man coming towards me, and I felt happy and safe, and he gave me a special flower in my hand, and I started to play again, and I wanted him to play with me, but he rather watch me play, {and I couldn't get out of this daydream, and I tried with all my might and I couldn't} and as I played and laughed, he was smiling too, then he said{through, mind reading}"I know your pain, understand that, I'm always with you, and I'll never leave you." then I said,"Whom was he?" and when he left my side, he started walking, and I said, "please, don't leave," and then as he turn around,it was the Lord Jesus himself, and I started to cry and said,"Master," I'm always here, and I'll never leave you, said the Lord" and it was over{believe it or not} but, it happen, and I keep checking it over and over, but it was real, and since then, I didn't commit suicide, and I stopped hating Men, thanks to Jesus{the Man that is not, he was God} He wanted me to forgive and trust and to trust Men again, and forgive them, but then it came a time when I almost didn't then I said,"I couldn't take it anymore." then my dream man was born, he came and save me more then once, from this reality, so at times when my life get's me really down, he was there, to keep me safe, and protect me from evil things and beings, so I won't commit suicide or do or think the worst again, then things start to change for me, when I came on this site, looking for love with younger man, then he stopped coming around, but he made his last day dream to visit to me, and said," I see that you are finding love with someone?" At, first I felt gulity and all, but he wasn't, and he said,"I knew one day you would," and then I said," I'm sorry," He:It's ok, and I'm not jealous, I want you to be happy with someone." and then I:Will I see you again?" he:Yes, you will, and it will be a time when you do, and I always love you, just be happy, ok." and so how do you like it, and I hope you do, but when it comes to love, Love is priceless and ageless to all, so don't be afraid to love anyone{young or old}and I'll be fine, and with those Gentlemen that I like, it's ok, I'll move on, and if one of them did paid attention to me, I wouldn't be writing about it, but, as J.J.{Jimmie Walker} would say from Good Times:{with a clap}Moving right along!" so take care and have a Blessed Day and Night everyone, lol and hugs and kisses from I.

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