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Tears On My Pillow And Fairytales

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Posted on Mar 21, 2007 at 08:10 AM Total posts: 37
Did you ever wonder in your life, on how it would be? I did! All that ever wanted was, A good home, and a good Man to share it with, and have Children{if the Lord is willing}To be happy, loved, and finally have peace on earth, and telling the Lord, and to thank him with a Blessing that I found love with a smile on my face, But, that would be wonderful wouldn't it, but instead you get rejected, ignored, sad, alone, and in great pain{wonderful, is in it?} And, all you want to do is cry, and cry, and more crying, and it's like fate has turn against you for some reason, even if you didn't nothing to deserve it either, but, somehow you did, and you don't know why, but, it happens everytime. That's why songs like{Tears on my Pillow} and{Fairytales} comes in, the first song was sung by Johnny Nash, and the other by Anita Baker{if anybody here listens to R&B} anyway, when I'm down and out, I listen to those songs, when things like that in life gets me down and out, at times it helps me, but, at times it doesn't, I just want to cry some more, because everytime I come here, looking for my{well, wanna-be-dream Man here}It's a nightmare in here, and your looking and your searching for a Love that's true{oh, another song "I'm Looking for Love, by Bobby Womack, and he got that so right} it's sheer torture, but even a Gentlemen here did respond, I couldn't respond back{as much as I want to, I can't, and it's not that I want to either, it's because of no choice, and once I change it, and when I do, look out! here I come, but, it will be the same not interested, so what can I do is sing a little to the two Men that I lost as or could be as friends or more{sure! like that would happen ot me of all people here, it would be a shocker,} and finding someone new here again, it sucks, really! and I will continue with this again soon, so for now take care, and God bless.