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To: Agematch Members

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Now, when I came here, at first, I didn't think about blogging at first, and when I saw, all these wonderful people here blogging, then, I said,"What's the harm in it, so let's fun, and enjoy blogging with the people here." and so I did, and I was only expressing my views and opinions, on other people blogs, and not pasting judement on others either, Then two nice Women here, started to say such things about I, and they don't understand me at all. Now, I apology to one Women here for a misunderstanding, and then another started to attack me for no reason at all, and yet I don't know her, and why she would do such a thing to some Women she don't know at all. But, let me say this: "I never ever come on anybody's blogs with disrespect, or meaness, and I always come with friendly concern, and respect, and nothing more," but, yet I had to be dissed over and over again because some adults can't grow up, and some have to act like children here, and can't get their little baby-way about themselves here. and it's a shame, that nobody can't come and blog here in peace, without saying they are sorry or anything, but coming with there hateful ways about themselves to others and they don't think that they can't get dissed by anyone else here, wrong again! and so I had to explain to the next Women to cool it, and watch herself here, because you'll never know whom will get you for acting like a child here, and I told her to back off! and let me be, I'm not bothering her, and I didn't do nothing wrong to her at all, I would apology for it, I still can, but, I wasn't coming on her blogs with disrepect then that would be different, she dissed me on someone else blog, that wasn't her own, now, was that right? no way it wasn't! and that blog was about me, not her at all, but, I made peace with this one, and I didn't bother her no more, and wish her the best, and a Blessed life, well, it's up to the other one now, and she may not never apology to me, but, I wouldn't worry about it, but, for the rest of you, I'm so sorry to being so much trouble on your blogs and if I did, I apology for it, and I wasn't trying to bring disrespect to anybody, ok. But, it seems like I'm bring war but for the right reasons, instead of peace but that's all I want nothing more, and I rather have one more friend, then one more enemy. but, anyway, I'm so sorry for this, and to Agematch Staff, again, if I'm causing any trouble for you, and the Members here, and I'm sorry for all then, so take care, and have a Blessed Day to all, Thank You.

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