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Posted on Apr 18, 2007 at 05:34 PM

What is your problem, Ladies, am I problem to you or something? Now, VDS, I didn't say that you are "Ho" or "Bitch" or "Cradle-Robber," did I?{when did you became a big fat liar!} and Larissa, when did you become the cheering section of VenusDarkStar? well let me asked you, Larissa, "When did VenusDarkStar has been your best Friend?" since when?" I would like to know? or she was just some crush you have on her? And, so, you had caught her sickness then, being up there{on her blogs}and licking up her wee wees ever chance you get, and I thought that you had better sense then to deal with that, but, I guess I was wrong about you too, {like two feathers flock together, I say!} So, you are both under each others wee wees I see, and are you both conjoin too{Twins} so, I guess Ms. Larissa, that if VenusDarkStar tells you to go jump in the lake, then you would, huh! and same go's to Miss Dizzy here{VDS} to do the same thing. well, I told you, you, Ya Ya Sisters can't to leave me the hell alone! and you want to keep the war with me going on, so, I see, Well, I guess these Lesbos, Do not understand the words, go away! or stay the hell away from I! so, you two crackpots, can't read or something, I guess they cannot, because they can't read, because of lack of E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N! I guess! One thinks she a Christian Advicer here, but yet, she stays with one women's wee wees all day long, no life or no Man, or can't get a Man! and the other is a lost cause, because of her wacky ways about herself, and people, she is still licking up my wee wees very much so, she can't get no Man still, because of her sick obession with me, when I told VenusDarkStar, so many times, I won't bother her no more, and now, if she doesn't get it, then everybody, what do you call it then!{Beinging a Stalker} Because, when you want peace here on this site, and you don't bother anybody here or write on their blogs for a good while, and yet, you don't bother no one here, or on their bloglands, and at times, you just coming around to find good decent Man, and blog now, and then, that's called being a Stalker, no! but, when you tell someone over and over again to let it go, or to let it be, and no more! and they keep on doing it, over and over and over, that's being a Stalker to me, when they don't get it, when you want to be left alone, and move on! Now, you see, they say I'm the troublemaker here, and I'm giving them Hell here, no way! they{VDS, and Larissa} are the ones that are the troublemakers here, this would stop, if they left me alone for good! and everyone listen, and you all will find out on your own, whom are the sickiest people on this AgeMatch site here, so, you all go on and be on their side if you want too, and go against I, then be my guest then, and you will all find out of your own, so go side with them, and you will find out big time, but, in the meantime, you Ya Ya SisterHood of blogland, keep bring it on, and on, this is not far from over, ok. Take care, and have a good one to all.

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