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What Ever Happen To The Human Heart

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Posted on Mar 06, 2007 at 02:28 PM Total posts: 37
Each time I come here, and look on these profiles{Now, I hate to say this} But, some Men are Shallow Hals here, They all want is those Model-type Women or those Sex-Kittens from the porno sites, I do understand neatness, and want to look attacive for them and all, but what about the human heart? I thought that was most important about you, Guys, but I really know what it is too, It's an image thing like Celebrities, but, only in a Hollywood world, that I can relate, but, the world itself, boloney! and I guess you guys come off like George Clooney, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, and more, just a name of few{Known as handsome Men or sexiest Men of Hollywood}Correct! but, that's them, and some have real issues with themselves too, if only knew about Orlando Bloom, and just like most real young Men, he was unpopluar, had no looks at the time or anything, but, now today one of the most hottest Men in Hollywood, and he's not a Shallow Hal, either and he get's alot of women of all ages, because he has a human heart, and he can relate about not having some ego about looking good for some shallow image, and you will be surprised about these things, So, with you Guys, it has to be an image thing with you, because so can look good with some hot, Babe on your arms, just to show off in front of your friends and family{Why? because your family will disown you for finding true happiness with a not-so- beautiful looking-Babe on your arm, but, made you the happiest Man on the planet in ever which way possible} and just to pleased your so-called- friends, why, shuold they care about whom you should be with, even if she looks like a plain jane or the ones that's has no looks, but has the most sweetest personalities in the world, just to please the people that you know, boy! that's real shallow for ya, and I know appreance is impotant, but it shouldn't be, as long as she is neat and clean, and as long she dresses neat and clean, so what's the problem here, so! if she doesn't dress to impress, she's a loser! wow, how shallow can you get, and that's make you men so much phonies bolonies here, and you guys think of us in that way too alot, true, but, everybody is different, but, didn't I said,"Some" but, I did! I'm not trying to put you Men down for what you are either, we all have that one way or the other, but I also realized that a Man's heart is better than his appreance, and he can have the best body and the best looks, but, could have the meanest personality in the world and treat you like a dog, and just to keep an image of Hollywood seen going, but, for what price my friend? your pride and dignity, No way, Jose! it's not worth it, you are better off being alone, and not have no man, if he mistreats you, you don't need that. And, that's where the human heart comes in, we Ladies need a Man with Sensitivity, compassionate, sweet soul, and so do you, that you want from us Women too Gentlemen, just as much and more, it can happen, it's called time, guys, time, I know it's hard, but it's called patience, and I guess we all don't have that much time for, because anything can happen then, and remember, you can't hurry love, you just have to wait, and love don't come easy, that's for sure, and love takes time, and you just have to wait, it will come in time when you at least expected and I want that for all of you{Men and Women alike, ok.} but, please at least, get the Men's hearts, as you can Ladies and find out, the same for you Men also, but, not for me, I'm doomed not to be loved by any man, and I don't know why, I guess there's a price for me, then and I really don't want to know about it either, only Jesus can help, but no man can, only the Lord Jesus Christ, there's no other way, only him{Jesus} so, take care everyone and be Blessed, and lol to ya with hugs and kisses from me too.