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Posted on Jan 22, 2007 at 04:46 PM

Ladies, that is the question of all time, would a Man date a Women whom has an Artism Child, because, it's best to be known about this, because most Women has handicapped children, and you got Men that won't, and they fiqure, it's not their child[but, rather if it's their child or not]Would he still date her? Because Man today don't want responsible[handicapped or otherwised] to be a father to their own or anybody else's in that matter. I guess it's sad for a Man to not want to be a father because their fathers walked out on them when they were child or been abused by one, but, that don't excused them for not being fathers either, then prove it to yourselves that you can be a better father, then the one you once had, so don't hate any children[yours or not] by being a bad father, you can be a good one, that's if you love children, it wouldn't matter to you or anybody, so to all the fathers and would-be-fathers, always love and be there for your children, they will need you in their lives because if you don't show them or leave them, it will affect them for the rest of thier lives and they can hate you for it in the near future, and they will ask why, what did I do to have him leave us? sad but true, but the question would still be:"Would a Man, you still date a Women[young or old] with children[handicapped or otherwised] or not, ok. I wuold like to know. so take care and have a Blessed Day and Night.

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