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Of mice and men...

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Now, I really don't know why I chose that as a title, obviously just the first thing that sprang to mind. Having been here for a fair while now, I have encountered a fair range of 'women' on here. From the genuine nervous, to the messers and of course the total scamming idiots who manage to dupe trusting souls out of anything available. In my opinion, violating with a broom handle wrapped in razor wire followed by a public flogging is what is required! 


Also in the time spent here, I have found American women on the whole to be the most responsive, polite and genuine, so take a bow ladies, you've earned it. I've also found our native Brit girls to be the most shallow, unreliable and frayed around the edges. I hate to say it, but I've been left waiting at venues a few times now and it isn't nice. Only one contact with a lady from Sweden, and the less said about that the better really. They made some good cars is all I can say.


I've also discovered that the response rate here (well for me at least) is 3.37%, and if you were relying on that figure for sales, well you can see where I'm going with this one. Perhaps it's just me, or should that read 'it probably is me'? Either way, I'll continue in the hope of finding someone who meets some basic criteria and see what happens.


So this has turned out to be a bit of a rant although in all honesty, It wasn't my intention. I'll look forward to some welcome comments from litenbrite, and I hope you are well Miss...


Oh, one more thing for the gentlemen suitors out there. The UK is about to start its summer holiday season for schools and colleges so be prepared for a sudden rise in new members and treat with extreme caution. Wait a few weeks and they too will be among the legions of Brit ladies who have not been on line in 'over a month'. I think we can safely assume this  means 'departed scammer', 'messer' or 'sobered up what the f**k did I do?'.


So, I'll leave you with my best wishes for the future, hope you all find something akin to what you seek and if there are any genuinely intersted parties (female), then please feel free to restore my faith in the race.


With much affection and hope.

Posted on Jun 25, 2015 at 04:02 AM 2 Likes Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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Hi Good morning .how are you doing today..

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Hello Chainmail 😊 nice to see a blog from you, sorry to hear you have had so many disappointments, This site seems to have changed quite a lot since I have been on here, but I have made a few friends and they have been lasting. I used to love blogging on here, but lately I'm not so inspired as I haven't had so many comments and conversations. Initially it was a friend that signed me up on here, I enjoyed the interaction and stayed, I even tried to get members reaction to set up a big meet up but the responses were not enough to arrange something. It would be interesting though. I am off to England on Tuesday for my annual visit to England for five weeks, and have been invited to Spain and Ireland too but I never have enough time after seeing my family and friends. Are you still living on your nice boat? It was very nice that you remembered me Thank you, Hope you have better luck in the future, you seem like a very nice man so the ones that let you down are the losers 😊 Litenbrite.

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I would agree that this site sucks a big one for actually meeting a girl.

In over a year I have been here I have talked to a few hundred women that all said OH we love to meet you.

Yeah and then after all the planning was made to meet these girls then just bailed on me and never to talk to me again.

Its like a freaking game to these girls to see how many of us older men they collect then once it get serious its time to bail on the man.

Then the scammer are awful and their are 100x more scammers than real women .

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