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Reality check...

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I would like to here from men in the UK scene who have actually met a women from the UK scene via this site. I will give you my private email gents and I will expect to be able to communicate with the women you may claim to have met via this site. This is in the interests of verifiying the validity of our efforts. All information passed will remain strictly confidential.

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Mr D, There is always a way of expressing yourself in an individual manner, you don't have to do that all at once as I'm sure you have already put quite a few details on your profile, the picture is important but why have you put a shirtless one on? I know they say" if you've got it flaunt it" but if you have really got it you don't have to, When you send an email to someone ask about the person you are writing to. Just be nice and say that your seriously interested in them. If you met someone out somewhere you wouldn't take your shirt off until you knew them better. I'm sure your a sweet man, but a woman likes to meet someone that doesn't just talk about himself but wants to know about them ask questions one at a time so that you can exchange details will soon show if they are genuine. Thank you for the rose....nice touch 😊

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Well said!

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As I've said before the chances of finding the genuine type on a dating site are probably worse than winning the lottery and not much better in real life.If they are really serious,about being able to ignore all the societal pressures,against OM/YW relationships,then they aren't going to want to be limited in their search by the 18 age limit on sites like this one.

The rest are just likely to be scammers,hookers,or time wasters with father figure issues or some other strange ideas which attract them to the age gap online 'dating' scene.Usually their profiles can all be predicted before even bothering to read them with the typical description college/career girl looking for casual 'fun' with an 'older' man,or more likely more than one,and who have an age criterea that could be anywhere between 18-99.


While what really makes me laugh is that they often then add that they want to be treated right and respected etc etc blah blah while their profile also says that they're looking for anyone regardless of wether  married or not.Which seems to contradict that.In which case the profiles often at best just translate as homewrecker looking to be added to a bloke's list of extra marital conquests.


Which probably explains why the latest big soap story line ( East Enders ) involves exactly that typical type of scenario except the story writers have of course had to keep it socially acceptable as usual by keeping the age gap close enough not to cause public revulsion.But homewrecking and the idea that age is more important than morals is fine.As for me I think I've reached the point where I could no longer care less and think that I'd prefer to point out the fact that the bad points of the OM/YW scene,at least as it exists,probably outweigh any good points that can be said about it as things stand now.

Unfortunately that still doesn't mean that I'd want to just admit defeat and get involved with a woman of my own or older age or resign myself to being single in this life and wait for the next just yet.In which case it's the forums and blogs which are probably the best place to keep looking in the case of the online dating scene.In which case it should be no problem to find ouit first before e mailing them wether they are seriously interested in dating and looking for something serious.No surprise that in all the years I've been looking on dating sites that's never happened,even when I have wasted my time and money by bothering to exchange e mails with the very few who've ever shown any interest.


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I find it interesting that someone would think that there are so many ways to say "Hi, How are you? I am blah-blah, and would like to get to know you better"; that a comment of "And some scammers sound decent and it's not until they email a few times and you realize that the emails are scripted." is made.

After all, when I start out by saying something personal to the recipient based upon their profile, and then tell them about me, it will be that "about me" that I author which will basically be the same in each letter I write. 

Based on the opinion stated above, I must be a scammer, as when I write to more than one person, there will be many things I will say, that if compared between multiple recipients will sound like I am writing from a script. How could that portion of the letter be anything but a singular representation of me, one that will sound scripted. Unless, it is not honest, and is trying to embellish certain traits that the recipient has stated is desirable, or it would indicate that I have multiple personalities where each one sees himself differently from each of the other personalities. Maybe that is what some people are seeking. LOL If so, I am not that person.

I am going to give another example here at the risk of being called a scammer because I am going to write something now, that I will be writing in many if not all of my letters. I am a Ruggedly attractive, Non-Smoking, Honest, Open-Minded, 5'8", 56yo male, Blond/Blue, who understands that to find the young, life-long, live-in lover/companion I seek, establishing close intimate friendships with  multiple young women may be necessary until she is found.

Maybe someone can show me how this can be said over and over without sounding scripted?
Inquiring minds wish to be enlighened

Thank you,

Mister D

In the meantime, here is a Rose For You!

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In all fairness it must be a hard task for them to screen the Members as there are so many laws about discrimination. And some scammers sound decent and it's not until they email a few times and you realize that the emails are scripted. And the thing about younger women members in UK most Englishmen want younger women, so the ones that like older men are in demand. I havnt noticed any of the men that prefer older women complaining on the Blogs. All the young girls have to write on a Blog is "I'm bored" and the older men are drooling and posting comments, it's not fair lol! And I have so many Members that really are looking for younger women checking my profile, I expect they think that I post old pictures but I don't. Mine are mostly web cam and have the date on them. I am not really a complainer, and lots of Members on here are really nice and are my friends. So if I find someone nice, well and good but if not I like the community on here, and have made some nice friends. Good luck with your survey. PS In the last 3 days my profile has been viewed 53 times and out of the 53 only 10 were looking for an older woman. so it isnt lack of young women...more of an overload of men that want a younger woman, but judging by the appearence of some of them I am not surprised if they hadn't had any success, if they want to charm a younger woman they at least should try and make themselves look a little more presentable, I am an older woman and I wouldnt have bothered. At least the Mature Women on here make the best of themselves, I don't see why the men can't too. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I am stating "Reality" here.

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