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Yes!!! I've done it at last!

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Don't get too excited boys and girls. I haven't actually met anyone yet, but I have hit the dizzy heights of having received 300 views. Now I know this probably isn't a huge amount, but I'm trying to calculate the views-to-hit ratio. Also, I've sent nearly one thousand emails to date, so with that in mind, I need emails from lovely young ladies to boost this up to 1000. After that I might just decide to call it a day. So get typing ladies, oh, and anyone with a West African IP is not invited. Sorry gents!

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Mine is up there with yours LTB, in the multiple thousands.  And chainmale, equal to the Nigerian IPs are the Malaysian IPs, also gents for the most part.

As to exposing fake profiles, the site allows people to post but like most sites, they cannot scrutinize every contributor in fine detail.  It takes reports from members and other contributors to alert them to inappropriate behaviour or inaccuracies in profiles.  I have had several people banned in the last few months and on the site where I am actually a moderator, we do it on a daily basis.  Those types get past admin with various IPs and stolen photos but we pick up on them very quickly - usually the same day. 

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Somehow I knew i could rely on you to throw some light on the subject. A very good point, and I think we need some input from the moderators on here. Also, Why is it I can expose a fake profile so easily, but the organisation we pay in to cannot? Again, moderator input required please. I pay to be here, and I don't really expect to do my own 'policing'. I do however expect to be banned from here shortly!....x

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I dont know if anyone else has experienced this but they seem to cut off the view numbers between 342 and 372 and the numbers vary within that ratio, although my profile has actualy been viewed over 10,596 times. I honestly do not know how that system works.

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