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"Life Is like a Box of Chocolates...

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...You Never Know What You're Gonna Get!" ...Yeah, I know it sounds trite, but I guess most of us would agree that there is at least a bit of truth in that phrase. If that be be the case, why then should people expect things to be different when they sign up to a web site like this one? It takes patience to get anything that be valuable, but good things come eventually if you learn to search in the right places. You don't date supermodel looking creatures out there, why would you here? I would suggest everyone to stop looking for perfect looking people. Then you'd have more chances at finding someone special and would run less often into scammers.

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Posted on Mar 19, 2012 at 02:40 AM 2 Likes Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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Hello Claudia, I have read your responses and for me, I actually find that distance is the biggest obstacle to a real relationship happening from this site. Although, on the plus side, my friend's daughter from Vancouver, Canada, met an incredible loving man from Galveston, Tx and they have been married now for nearly 10 years. It was a match made online and they are both very, very happy. It is always about the chemistry and for that you need to meet ultimately to be sure.

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Claudia, I hope you don't think I am rude by posting again, but your blogs somehow ALWAYS inspire me and I get afterthoughts that I have to express. This is what I have to say....Yes it is a box of chocolates, but you can cover ANYTHING with chocolate and it would be delicious melting in your mouth then when you really get to the center it can be either absolutly even more delicious or just so awful it breaks your heart with dissapointment. Guess its all good though as there really is never a wrong choice just outcomes that add to your wisdom.

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Claudia, How lovely to see a blog from you, I do think you may be right in some ways, However, I have found that even the average men [losing their hair and and uneven teeth think they are like Super Models and really come over all charming do an about turn when they start getting attention from a few women, some are even unkempt and have bulldog looks, but expect a woman to look like a supermodel. But I am sure there are a few good ones out there.....somewhere!!!  If any of the good ones see this I would like to hear from them as I am feeling a little dissalusioned. Lol! but [there is one handsome one that I like, he has a face I love to look at]

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