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I haven't blogged in a while. And decided tonight I would. During my travels I met some very nice gentlemen. So women please remain optimistic they are out there. All of these gentlemen had different occupations, but were quite comfortable in their own skin. One gentlemen that really caught my eye was a man named Butch. He had a love for horses and was in search of a good woman. I asked Butch to define his "good woman" and he told me I fit his profile of a good woman. Now just only going on a few dates, I was certain Butch had a fond interest in me, but how sincere? I'm not the type of woman that is so easily impressed, but I admire a wealthy man. I think I've found my soul mate. This is Leap Year, so it's okay women to ask the guy out!

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FINALLY a woman who admits she likes guys with money!

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Hello Gougar on the run, Sounds like you have been a busy girl, Good for you.. Hope you have found your Soul Mate.

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