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  • Besides people who think they have to drive down the middle of the road as they can't manuver a vehicle with any skill unless they take up the whole road, people that have a body type other than what I prefer. I try to be nice to everyone and while I do have a few lady friends who are overweight, I am a plautonic friend only. Can't seem to build on anything other than a freindship. So basically if you're not at least weight proportionate to your height please look but don't try to co...

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thought this was a real site to meet young women 2 Posted on Mar 05, 2014 at 10:41 AM

so much for this site, also joined lonelywifeshookup looks like another ill spent money from my account. Nice looking ones on there, but so far no luck, some of them make my tongue hard just looking at them, have a few feelers out but so far no one has responded to my emails. Only 3 days on vacation left, if like agematch i have no responses by end of the month that one to will be canceled, i figure if i can't have someone contact me for no strings attached sex why bother spending money in the hopes of meeting someone. Hell my hand has helped in the past why not put it to use again, but not to much I already wear bifoculs don't want to go entirely blind.

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thought this was a real site to meet young women Posted on Mar 03, 2014 at 05:27 AM

Just don't get it the young women I'd love to meet haven't been on in over a month. And the ones who have contacted me don't live anywhere close to Canton,Ohio. Really don't want to talk to someone who lives in another state or country. I figure them to be totally fake and just wanting to hit you up for money to supposedly come to where you live. I was born but not yesterday. Now if they want to come to where i live then we can talk but until then not sure it was a wise choice to pay for my account. Still i live on hope.