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Looking for a strong willed woman

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I am a single man, 25 years of age, that is looking to become independent in life. I realize some of you may be wondering why am I going online about my life, but that is because I really have no family in North America outside my aging parents.


Recently, it has hit me like a brick wall that I can no longer be "funemployed". I can no longer take it easy and play video games.


I have an associate's degree ( Three year advanced diploma from Humber College in the field of Civil Engineering Technology ) and I am open to moving anywhere in North America to get my career off the ground. I graduated a couple of years ago, but I was never serious about starting to work until now.


I am looking for an older woman that is feeling either lonely or that would like to have a young man at her side during his best years. Ideally, she would show me the ropes of life as a man.


I am a very athletic and clean individual. I know how to take care of myself, with regular jogging, not sleeping in late, and eating well.


Would love to hear some responses on here from women looking for someone like me.

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Very good 

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