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Does anyone exist ?

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Are there any females out there, that find me a little bit interesting ? I have been on this site for over a week and NO one has even looked at me, let alone chatted to me. What am I doing wrong ?

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I'm normally quite optimistic in general, and I know there are many wonderful and worthwhile YW out there to offset the many users and manipulators among them (there are good and bad people in all races, all age groups, and both genders). I am not quite as down on things as jag6000 is, but there is much truth in what he says. And I say this as a realist, as I'm no cynic. You will note that many men make the same complaint, as do several women. And you will further note that the great majority of people posting on the blogs, and on a regular basis, are the older men and women, not the younger blokes (check it out; I'm American, yet jag6000 has me using his cool British slang! LOL) and ladies.


Part of the reason we OM get so few replies on here from the YW even when we send e-mail to 20 profiles a day, at least 5 days a week, is because YW are in such demand around here--and offline too, certainly--that they can afford to be *very* picky. They are going to go for the most handsome and fit OM because, well, why shouldn't they, when they know that they, as YW, are in such demand? Many of them, if not most, are not used to being in a position where they have to accept anything less than what they perceive to be the best (in accordance with our present day societal values, that is).


The reason our profiles get so few responses is because, frankly, the YW do not usually spend a lot of time e-mailing profiles since it's totally unnecessary. All they need do is put up a profile of their own, and sit back and wait for the tidal wave of e-mails from men to pour in. And they are almost never disappointed. They will often get far too many responses to even hope to respond to all of them. So really, in many cases, and just being realistic here, the OM are going to be wasting a good amount of money per month if they subscribe, even if they spend large amounts of time per week e-mailing as many profiles of YW as they can, and logging in as much as they can. And most of us just have too much to attend to in our personal and professional lives to keep up with this on an almost daily basis, no matter how much we may desire such a companion.


Many of these YW do not bother to log in here for long periods of time because they frequently get distracated by other things going on in their lives. None of us should imagine that this or any other dating site they may be members of constitutes the sole means of meeting a guy, older or otherwise. They have numerous opportunities presenting themselves in real life, so I think jag6000 is right when he points out that these available YW do not stay available for long. For many, these dating sites are just one of many ways they normally meet men during the (usually) short period of time they are ever single, and almost never the primary way.


That is another reason why they often show so little interest in keeping in touch with guys over e-mail for more than a few exchanges; they have too much going on in their lives, and too much attention from other blokes offline, to pay much attention to guys they are "only" talking to via cyberspace. And here I'm talking about all the YW on this site who are at least halfway *sincere* about meeting guys for romantic reasons--many YW are impulsive and like to experiment in various ways, and thus might not have a clear purpose in mind when they join these sites. Others join up just to make platonic friends no matter what the stated purpose of the site happens to be, and they get extremely irate when guys they contact for that reason alone reveal they put a priority on a romantic connection over a platonic one.


So I decided, at least for now, to go the non-subscription route and post here in the blogs, hoping to, at the very least, meet some friends of both genders who happen to be kindred spirits. Having someone who understands to talk to is great. And I will never give up hope of meeting someone from here.

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Well another week has passed and you still did not check in.  How redundant is your question if  you do not pariticpate?  Like what is the point of posting at all if you do not bother to reply?

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Ok well funTimes I question if you live up to your name.  In order to post a fun blog and keep it running, you have to at least respond to some of the witty and intersting comments you have received.  It seems you gave up and left a long time ago.........

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lite I think it depends on what the complaint is about.In my case if any girl can't understand what I'm complaining about and why then she's not the one for me anyway.The numbers thing is a statement of fact not a complaint so hopefully that won't upset them but if it does then the above applies.As for you you obviously wouldn't have a clue how difficult it actually is for blokes who are searching for almost non existent single women depending on the search criterea.But if it's a young single girl that's the search criterea then it really is like a lottery with probably as much chance of winning.

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Hello There Fun Times, Well how are you doing with this now? Hope you have been sending out loads of emails. Trouble is when people go on Dating Sites they think it is like the old Escort Agency type thing and they are going to hand pick someone for you. Its really up to you to put in the effort and contact people, It doesn't matter where they are really, because when you put forth effort it seems to open doors and you start to open up too.       ​        ​        ​        ​        ​     I know I did, After my Marriage broke up I would go out with my women friends and they would say "You don't talk to any Men" Then it was a friend of mine that filled out a few applications on some Dating sites for me, and it started to be fun to get some messages, [I had Scammers too} but It made a big difference. I have been here ever since and had a really nice long distance relationship with someone, it didn't turn into loves young dream, but it was lovely and I still hear from him. So you can't turn negative after a week or so. after all would you want to contact anyone that was complaining?......I don't think so.

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That maybe lite but I'm just talking about the ones that haven't disabled that feature and it actually shows not logged on in months or weeks etc.There's very few that show the logged in within the previous few days.

But even when contacting those that are it's just a lottery who gets a reply as it's obvious,just by checking out the very few forum and blog posts by the younger girls on here,that there's a lot more than one bloke looking for every available girl but never as many young girls,posting in reply,to every post by every bloke that's looking for one.

There are also a lot of documented reports concerning the numbers problem of too many blokes and too few women on dating sites.Which is really just a reflection of the offline world.

Ironically the only reason why I've paid for another month's e mail subscriptions was yet another wink reply from a girl showing interest and then no more replies after a couple of e mails.So in future as I've said I'll just rely on the forums and blogs as I've always said and any girl who doesn't want to post and chat a lot on those is more than likely going to be a waste of time and money to try to make a connection with on the e mail service.

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A whole week = very funny.  I am just kidding because I have been here off and on over the past 6 years.  I have made a number of amazing friends (both sexes), not met a particular love interest but the journey has been interesting.  Hang in for awhile and always project a positive image - it definitely generates more responses.

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Jag, There is a setting that you can make so that when you last logged in doesn't show.

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All you need to do is to check out the new members section and look at the last logged on indicator on the profiles.Out of a total population of millions of people here and even hundreds of millions in North America the new menbers of young single women are in single figures per day if not less and most of the existing profiles on here haven't logged on in ages.That's because there aren't enough single available women and the ones who were available are now spoken for.As I've said the situation for single blokes,having the misfortune to still be looking for a potential wife,isn't helped by the fact that many young single girls,who are available,are happy to add to the demand for them by including married/seperated/divorced blokes in their search critereas.

You also only need to look on the blogs and the forums to see that the numbers of single girls who are posting on them are (very) few and far between and those that do have loads of interest by loads of blokes on a basis of at least 3 to 1.Which has been my experience of life from day 1.


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There are lots of young women on here, The reason I know is that they read my blogs so they come up on "Who viewed my blogs" so I can't understand that. but maybe they are inundated with unsuitable matches.

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I've had some nice reception from the ladies although one was underage and another was a scam artist. Still, it isn't easy finding the right one. I've bought a three month membership and one is already gone but I'm hopeful. If the bites continue to be promising I'll continue.

Litenbrite, I did get a harem for a short while. LOL!!! Oops and it wasn't intended but in the end nothing panned out.

The last one was yesterday morning and after hounding me to disable my profile so her and I can try it out, she disappeared after a couple of questions. I noticed she hasn't disabled hers so I figure she's looking again and thus so am I.

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Fun times 72 it's a genuine site that isn't just trying to get cash because it allows people to connect here on the blogs and on the forums for nothing which is a lot better than a lot of others which just have free winks or a paid e mail service.It can't find people to connect with who don't exist and like most sites and the real world it's just a case of too many blokes looking for none existent young single girls.Just like in the real world if they're available they don't stay available for long and you can bet that they've all got offers from more blokes than they know what to do with.

It's a sad situation when there's not enough young single girls out there and it's made even worse by the fact,that instead of someone for everyone,in a world where there's not enough women,it's often a case of more than one for some blokes and none for others,because many of the few single girls that do exist prefer to give a married/seperated/divorced bloke more chances in life than to give a single bloke one.









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I agree totally.. no activity an dif and when it is people so far away its not possible to have a reparionship.  I am ever so sorry  I bought into this particular site.

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you are right,this sorta sucks! only women to answer was 1700 miles away, really ...there has got to e someone closer,lol!

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Looks like this is a poor site, waste of money. Why if women want to meet older guys, don't they get in touch. Is this site real or made up, in order to steal your hard earned cash. Is there any ladies out there that can prove me wrong and make this a site worth staying with ?

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I've been here for almost 4 years and still no luck and gave up on another site after around 4,000 rejections in one form or another sometimes complaining about being asked for a date by who they considered as not Mr Perfect although having dumped a wife or two along the way might have helped if I could have got one when I was younger instead of just having the same problem from day 1.LOL.

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Hello, A whole week......would have thought you would have a Harem by now Lol! Why dont you send out lots of emails, Im sure you would get replies and views.

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