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If You Want to Lose Weight in 2012...

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Members Only probably won't! The reason: weight loss resolutions usually don't work! Why? Because losing weight has to become a WAY OF LIFE...not a one-time "numbers goal." It's like an alcoholic who vows to stop drinking...he's folling himself if vows to drink less. DRINKING LESS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! He knows that alcoholism is a potentially fatal disease and that he must CHANGE HIS LIFE in order to "cure" his alcoholism. So he vows to never drink again! There's no in-between or compromise. A drunk must CHANGE HIS LIFE and remain completely sober. Because he knows one beer leads to death. Just because you lose 50 lbs. doesn't give you the right to stop working out and eat cakes and pizza! Just like the alcoholic, you know that once you go back to your old ways, the weight will come back too! If you're gonna make a resolution, the best resolution is, "I want to make exercise and healthy eating a way of life, starting in 2012, and I will do it." There's just no other way to lose weight. Why do you think fat people like Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley have "struggled" with their weight? It's because they're thinking of a number instead of a lifestyle! Sure, you can exercise or starve yourself silly and lose the weight, but once you've reached that "magic" number, you're gonna feel empty, because there's nothing left to accomplish--and the weight's gonna come back. Why? Because you don't value fitness and diet. You value numbers. The weight-loss number is just...A NUMBER! TRUE weight loss involves a LIFESTYLE SHIFT--grit, determination, discipline. NO EXCUSES. It requires a lifetime's devotion to healthy eating and regular exercise. So, if you're focused on a weight loss number, instead of a lifestyle change, don't even bother. You'll just fail! You may win the battle, but you'll lose the war.

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I'm gonna stop drinking!

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