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TNX U very much 4 your attention! See you in a year or so... Posted on Mar 05, 2010 at 01:46 AM

Heeello there gapers!
I am very - very glad and pleased to recieve such a possitive responce to my profile.
*n' TNX 2 agematch site too.
Now it has been 4 w. after Ive upgraded my membership to 3 month package.
As you can see I had no idea how fast things can change, so I thought I will have to be on here for much longer.
But ... But it has been 4 weeks, and I have found intresting people and connections.
As a responsible person, I have to admit that there is only that much time that one can devote to qualitative, thoughtful and personal correspondence. I consider my self to be about quality. Thus I see no other option, but to thank everyone for the attention my profile has recieved, and take it out of circulation for time being. (and take down my pic. too).

needless to say, that once in touch, we continue ! ;)

have a great time, great people of agematch!
who knows, I might be on agai after a year or two! ;)

p.s. trying to get my pic offline, out of my profile, but all I find is "add photo", "create photo" and "add more photos" . ok. If anyone knows how to take a pic. off the profile PLZ DO TELL! *yes, I have contacted support w. say inquiry :)

back a year later, is that OK? Posted on Feb 13, 2010 at 02:29 AM

Heeello there, lovely ladies!


Nice to see you once again ;)


Why again? well... I have been apsent from this site for about a year, but now I'm back.


You know how they say that life runs around in circles?


Well, prehaps you could say that quite a few of my circles have been done around It's simply a great place to find new & intresting people w. the same preference. But you know what, you lovely ladies?


I think life is not a circle, its a spiral. N' its up to us to determin whether its a spiral in a upward direction ;)


So? so I'm back after passing another ring of the spiral, and hopefully a bit wiser, a bit more experience, but naturally nowhere near as wise and experienced as you, you lovley mature ladies ;)


*oh, n' for thouse of you who haven't read my blog before,I do fancy mature ladies, A LOT;) 


So? so ladies, is it ok that I'm back a year later? ;)











YM/OW pleasant things in leisuretime ;) Posted on Feb 04, 2009 at 07:37 AM
Loveley older ladies, and other young gents, I was wonderin' how about some leisure time activities? ;) some stuff that could be intresting for us only. something unique and specificly directed at us OW/YM ? hold on to your hats! I MEAN BOOOKS! ;) here are some intresting books, in "YM/OW" cathegory :) author / title Elinek. Pianist. It would be great if you added some of your own!
Ladies, plz. DO tell ! ;))) Posted on Jan 28, 2009 at 07:48 AM
Another thought on ladies profiles. I have noticed that there are quite a few older ladies that leave out the information in the education column. There is a natural Q. why? The response I've got have been somewhat surprizing. Apparently there are quite many women who think that showing your intelligence to a man makes him feel intimidated. Lets go along with this logic for a second. What kind of a man would react in this way? It would most likely be some very conservative and narrow minded individual. Is it really that type of person who you are searching for? I mean what you put in your profile is bound to effect the type of answers, and type of people that will answer. Sure thing, education is by no means a must, and there are plenty of interesting and intelligent people who do not have a formal education. What I'm trying to Q. here is general attitude towards the intellect, intellectual qualities and intellectual achievements of mature females. There are many profiles where ladies mention as a headline in the profile, or as very distinct feature in their profile somebody feature. say "long legs " or "blue eyes " or "red hair " or whatever it might be. But! at the same time they do not mention anything about their achievements! Ladies, I simply do not buy that you are intellectual blank sheet. Take a look inside of yourself! Somebody has a good knowledge of 19th century poetry, someone else knows a lot in say mechanics (say how a car works n' such). But I'm sure that you, mature ladies, KNOW things! That is part of why we are so attracted to you. That is why there is so much to talk about with you! come on don't be shy! ;) BRAG about your intellect!
Lovley older fems some tips 4 more replys!;) Posted on Jan 22, 2009 at 06:42 AM
Hi there! I thought it would be fair 2 share some thoughts on how to get more attention on this site. Who am I to give advice? well Ive noticed that the rate of replyes/winks has gone up !7! times since I've followed a females advice and made some simple changes to my profile. worked for me, might work 4u!? SO? so here is my male perspective. Ladies, cougars, older girls, or which ever name is to your liking, remember that a lot of guys is here because we LIKE the fact that u r OLDER. hence the signs that you have lived are NOT something to hide! 1.the typical hand under the chin position, it is just shouting: "I have issues w. my neck!". Let it go! Most of us are well aware of the fact that female neck goes through some changes! And we like you as you ARE! quite a few of us are dating older because we want someone who is at peace w.their looks.Ladies u've lived long enough to know, that thouse who think who such shalow things matter,will not be atracted to older in the first place. what is atractive is some amount of peace and harmony w.your self! 2.The same goes for some boxes, tv-sets and even a pendrawn dark squares after the neck. We LIKE to see you! We DO understand that in general older ladies are a few pounds havier. and we DO like you AS U R! Do not hide the rest of your body behind objects, boxes and squares. At the very least just take another pic. where you limit the shown parts to what you desire to show. but prefereble follow BRIT fashion and say after me: If you got it, flawn it!!! ;) And belive me, evry last one of you has got something to flaunt!;) pics from the 80's! Belive it or not,most of the time its quite obvious!;) most likly we will enjoy you as u R! as u r right now!;)
prague, in a mist of memory & feelings Posted on Aug 28, 2007 at 09:11 PM
PROLOG:I've got hungry after a long night out.It was past midnight when I found my self,ratteling around the hotel room,4SOMETHING,no correct me ANYTHING2EAT. Trams where swooshing outside,&ofcourse they cought my attention.Near by there wasn't even a hotdog stand or anything remote.How could it?in the middle of a semidodgy neghbourhoud in the middle of the night?But,there was PLENTY of places2spend ur money,either u where a betting men or a men of other luts.Somewhat familiar with easteuropean enterprenural spirit,I've walked in into several of these establishments,hoping2buy a sandwich,or a hotdog;anything like a piza was beyond my dreams.Ofcourse all that they had to offer where their speciallity bars-beer&vodka;clubs music&more beer,gambling places (which where if not on every than on every 2nd corner),gambling&some more beer. Sort of lost&confused I started my journey throughout this place.Not actually knowing exactly if I was going in a right direction.FOLLOW the tracks! was1&only thought in my mind.On top of it all it started raining,&I seemed to be nowhere near the town center. I've got down hill from another hilltop (entire Prague is like one huge tour d? France).Stoped- exausted,by a new tramstop.Thats it!I told2myself,either I get a tram TO the city first,&get some food,or the tram FROM the city comes first,&I'll have2survive untill 6 a.m.(hotel breakfast). So there I'm.Halfwet(from waiste down), in the wind, in the middle of a foreign city, kind of on high alert,comepletly hungry, not even knowing that I'll be able2satisfy this urge. Looking at the hilltop,that was partially lightup,unlike the rest of a scenery,made me aware of how rainy it actionly was.the silueght of a tram couple of times seemed2cross&than turned out to be just a mirage. Right in the midle of the tracks,something started moving,directly from the hilltop,towards me.Since it was a new place for me it had no dimention,&no proportions,no real contures either.just subject