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I have just had........

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Two Winks from two very attractive men with almost the same profile one in South Africa and one in Texas, I find it a little strange that the wording was the same but just moved around a little, anyone else experienced this? I wonder if someone may have had a profile Coach or they were scammers. I don't think so though because one sent me an email too then nothing else.

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There are scammers on every site and they tailor their comments to your needs.  Those people have zero feelings or connections with you and only want what you will send - usually $ out of pity.  I know because I was dumb enough to not only fall for one of the scenarios that scammers posit, but had a 2+ year online relationship with a "Nigerian" I never saw.

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I am aware there are Scammers on all of the Dating sites, I have had quite a few but they are are good about getting rid of them on here. I can usually see all the signs, but this was strange, Thank you all for posting with good advice. It also might help some of the new members.

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Definitely some scammers and spammers on ALL dating sites, but there are also men who don't write well, or are just plain lazy, and will copy and paste the text from another's profile and then MAYBE change it up a bit, so not always a scammer.

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I agree. I think that there is a lot of "scamming" going on here on this site!

For example, I met a young woman on this site that was supposed to be from a town in Arizona just about 40 miles from where I live. We sent emails to eachother, and even to our own personal email addresses. She initially said that she really liked my profile and what I had to say about myself, the relationship I am looking for, and you know, life in general and then she stated that she couldn't stop thinking about me and was looking forward to having a coffee with me as soon as possible. I thought that this would be great and when I tried to get her phone number to set up a meeting, I even gave her my cellphone number but said I was "old fashioned" and preferred to call her first, I even asked about a time and day that would be convenient to both of us. Well at that point, all of a sudden, she said that she was "originally" from this small town in Arizona that was only 40 miles away from where I live but now lives in the United Kingdom working on a job helping poor underprivelaged children! She then changed her whole demeanor and said she would really like to get to know me better before we meet!

This definitely sounds like a scam to me! You know, at first a young attractive woman is really crazy about you, ...can't wait to meet you,.... and then,... just when you decide that you want to arrange to meet her,....she comes out with "let's get to know eachother better before we meet, and by the way,I really don't live 40 miles away like my profile states, .... I now live 6500 miles away but let's still keep in touch!"  You know, keep buying that "Age Match" Membership! Yeah,.... O.K....Right!!!!

I am just writing this to let you people know what my experience was with this site. For some of you, this type of scenario may sound familiar. For others, well maybe you will find your "True Love" here. As for myself, this is my last day on this dating site. I only invested a  one month membership fee here on Age Match so, know, and learn!


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Beware, there is some scamming going on through this sight. Nigeria scams

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What a suprise. And here I thought only guys get the canned message with faces of pretty girls, there made in Africa.

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Email fishers. They weezle email addreses from people and sell them to spam or scam artist.  Africa on this site is a red flag and lately it was appearing TX was becoming the same.  Lot of new sign ups from TX.   Yes.... and they wink or email you too.  A rather canned message that leaves you feeling they "might" have read your profile but said actually nothing that indicates they did. They might even reply once to your message..... again though with a rather canned responce that is obviouse there was no reading of the previous sent message (Robot message)




Tis why my membership gets dropped today after three month run.  Not a dating site on the net worth staying for more than three months.

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