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Watch for this

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I have been getting emails from Dating Sites that I have not joined, I went into these Sites and found I had been added to their Site by them Posting my picture and details from Facebook, I did not give them permission to do this, you cannot remove  your details without a password and being as I had not joined do not have one. and everytime you try it comes up that you have to pay and make a Password.

Posted on Jan 14, 2013 at 02:07 AM Like Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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That's really annoying, you join one site & they hand over all your details & photos to their sister sited without your permission, that's happened to m a few times & I immedialy cancell my profile & membership of all the sites belonging to that company & give them my reason for doing so, White Label Dating are natorious for doing this.

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Actually I think they got  my details from a site I had previously joined.  At present I am  not a member on any site because of this.  In the interim, I was shocked to learn how many of these sites are generated from the same location.  You think you might be joining a new dating site only to discover it is part of a much larger organization trying to cater to a specific group based on age/sexual orientation etc.

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It must be a new Scam....anyone else had this? its best to warn each other. Sounds like someone got your Credit card details Helena. Luckily mine didn't charge me but its so annoying.

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I also got billed for a dating site I had never joined.  Luckily I picked it up after the first withdrawal and still have no idea how they obtained my info?

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