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What do men really want?

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I have been pondering on this question, All of these relationship Gurus claim they have the answers to this question, and claim they have interviewd thousands of men. and say if you follow their advice Men will be begging you to be theirs, Surely though every man is an Individual, and have their own opinions. and I would love some of yours, Please You wonderful Men enlighten us with the truth. You don't all want the same......or do you?

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Posted on Jul 19, 2012 at 12:11 AM 5 Likes Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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Very nice

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You such an attractive 64 yr old and reading this blog has got me thinking bout sex. With you. Not asking for it just being honest im just a man with  penis and God didnt give us men enough blood to run both heads at the same time.

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Obviously men want there mommas and food till about age 14. Then sll we want is sex sex  sex a BJ more sex and then maybe some food. Then a little less sex and more food in their 30s but still as much sex as we can get. Then their comes a time when a mans tool quits onhim and all he wants is food. He still wants sex but theres not to muxh he can do about it. Im 40 and my tool still works like i was 20. So im still interested in sex. I figure practice makes perfect maybe it will still work when im 70. I hope so cuz all i really want is sex. Im just a man with a penis that has a mind of its own. Lol.

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I am still trying to figure out how to post to you!!

You are right on with most all of what you say.

There was a women's movement but men never even thought

of moving anything. I have taught hundreds of college men and

women and from what I see men could start by listening to what

women were saying 20 years ago. Then they could work on their

affective sytems and develop, use and trust FEELINGS. If I can

learn this blog/forum, I will be in touch. Do you need a PH.D.

to follow this. That would be my problem, I have two of them.

I am still learning about women because I STILL WANT TO.

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Thanks lite that's a deal.LOL


I suppose you're right in a way I'm locked in a time warp in which I just can't understand the ideas of most of the few young single women out there and never will that's even if they were interested.Although having said that I don't think it's my outlook which is the actual problem I just think the whole issue of human relationships is going to hell in the handcart of casual animalistic hook ups that also seem to reflect the issue of loads of blokes looking for too few women.Check out Belinea's post and my reply to him on the forum younger women/older men concerning a classic case of a girl who's lost to that issue.Maybe the next life will be more like those 1950's ideas again.At least I hope so.Just so long as I can keep the 1970's and some 1960's


However that doesn't explain how it is that so many of the young women's profiles seem to be written with the impossible contradictory search criterea of looking for both/either a casual or a long term relationship and maybe want to have a family or maybe not with anyone up to the age of 99 !.They're obviously either scammers.


Or too many young women have,not surprisingly,after years of being indoctrinated by the feminist cause, just lost the plot,certainly in the case of Belinea's experience of a typical lost modern day girl.It's a sad situation for both the single blokes left on the shelf like me and for those girls lost to a life of being effectively unpaid hookers.

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Hello Jag, Lol I have mentioned before you always have expectation of failure. if you didn't make your criteria that you would need a "Time Machine" to go back to the 1950s it might happen for you, But you never know, and I would love to see you eat my long as you had to buy me a new one to replace it.

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litenbrite I'd be surprised if there are many women out there to take your advice.So far I've sent countless winks to loads of profiles,where there seems to be the slightest chance that they might not be scammers,to have a chat on the blogs.If any of them do eventually reply on here I'd eat your hat with a plate of chips and tomato ketchup.LOL.

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Thank you all for posting, I can already see how each of you differ, It is interesting and if only Men and Women would open up we can all understand each other much better.

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Litenbrite, you're welcome.  i have more to add but i will save this for later.  i want to see what other men will write.

poetryguy:  i don't believe you.  if all you wanted was sex, you wouldn't be on this site and you'd spend most of your nights with prostitutes. 

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I stay busy, but not too busy to talk to you if you email me.

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Wow!....You are so sweet...

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Hello Poetry Guy, and how well is that working for you?

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Number 2 there can be taken for granted with any girl who's really interested.If that isn't there then it's just a form of rejection and in my experience it's always been the most common form of rejection that I've been subjected to by most of the girls who I've been interested in.I think it's also one of the main issues which points to the writing being on the wall in the case of a failing relationship.If a couple can't communicate and have fun doing it then effectively there is nothing there.

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Hey You 5000, Thank you so much for your terrific Post, that was exactly what I was looking for when I wrote this blog, some honesty, some men get spooked if a Women is too attentive, but they are usualy the ones that have a commitment phobia, It doesn't sound as if you have that problem, :-) A little jealousy is healthy, extreme jealousy is sufforcating, But if you admit that it makes you feel jealous and uncomfortable I think that is fair enough, its better than not showing how you feel. I personaly would much rather someone told me it was making them uneasy, I think discrection is a good thing under those circumstances.  I hope you find your special Woman. Take Care Litenbrite.

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i haven't heard really many real answers from guys here.  Come on guys share your thoughts.  well here are mine.  What i want changes as our relationship changes.

1.  first initial look - i would like to be attracted to her and think she is pretty or nice looking.  i am thin and take care of my body so i would like her to be also.  Not a 10, but not a slob.  And if i think she is attractive and she smiles at me oh wow, my heart would leap :).

2.  during the first initial "getting to know each other"  i want there to be a connection and for her to be interested in me and ask me questions about me and my life.  Also, when i ask her a question, i want her to answer and even expound on it.  seems silly but this tells me she is interested and engaged.  I also would like her to be funny and respond to my jokes and even be playful, silly, etc.  and the more she tells me about her day, time with friends, kids, and personal things, then more i am attracted to her.  It changes from just the appearance to the heart.

3.  okay now that we are getting to like each other, and we are both commited.  i will be commited to only her and i expect the same from her.  okay now reality sets in.  what does this mean?  Well to me it means one thing and to her it means something different.  So if i share with her for example, that i am jealous of her when she calls and talks on the phone with her old boyfriend, i don't want her to argue and say it means nothing.  I wouldn't bring it up if it didn't mean something.  So i would exect her to listen to me.  And listen women, i don't care what your opinion of me is when i share this, if you can understand this, you've won his heart.  Make everything a guy says important and he will give his whole heart to you.  We are so simple.  Whatever we say, that's what we mean.  There really is no hidden meaning or we don't trust you or we think that just because you talk with your old boyfriend you are going to sleep with him.  NO, it just means we are jealous....

4.  If we have made it through 1-3, i'll marry you.

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gypsy 188

There are actually,at least in my case,older blokes who are still looking for a young wife,having been left on the shelf when we were younger and who regard marriage as meaning for life.Ironically it's that issue of many blokes thinking that they are entitled to dump their wife for a new model as she gets older that adds to the situation of the shortage of young women for blokes like me.That's because too many young single women would prefer to give a divorcee another chance in life than give a single bloke one.But I don't know where you've got your conclusion about older blokes looking for a replacement mother.The fact is we all only get one mother and there's no one who could ever replace her anyway.The same applies in regard to a wife which is a totally different type of relationship.

The fact is most of your views seem flawed when the main difference between our search criterea can be put into just 3 seperate groups.There's those who just want a casual no strings relationship which too many women seem happy to go along with but which inevitably ends up with them being emotionally hurt in the long term.Then there's those married blokes who expect to be able to have as many chances as they want in life at the expense of single ones losing out in finding just one.Then there's those in my situation,of just still looking for a young wife,to have a family of my own with,in a life long marriage,that I needed and couldn't find when I was young,having lost out to that second type of example.

As for being widowed both of my grandmothers lost their husbands to illness at an early age.Both of them remained widows for over 30 years afterwards without ever looking for anyone else,for the simple reason that no one could ever replace the love that they'd lost.

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That about sums it up.But ironically there's a lot of bad apples out there and women who don't seem to have a clue about what makes for a good relationship in their search criterea.Then when they inevitably find one of those bad apples they complain about it and then brand us all the same as those bad apples.

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Having read though many dating sites, I have come to the conclusion, (I generalize here) that 'older' men, want...either what they had before?? or simply 'mommy'.

They want sex, a nurse, (sic), "well groomed, nice figure, blah blah"....they offer, among other things. "Holding hands, showing affection, skinny dipping, travelling in a moblie home eh? and other things that they have dreamed up but never had before...... some of them have been married numerous times, a few widowed.

Look, I am a widow and I had a wonderful marriage, (42 years).....all I am looking for is friendship, a pen pal, and an intelligent exchange of conversation, which might, led to something, in months/years to come.........??? 

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