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What do men really want?

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Hello Claudia,

Actually all men do not want the same things, just like all women to not want the same things.  For instance (regarding yorur comment), I rarely if ever have steak, I don't like potatoes, and my favorite drink is a simple glass of nice wine...  I have seen women put how they love golf in profiles, yet I know not all of them do. They just put it there so they won't lose their golfing men on weekends.  Well, I don't play golf, so I just delete their profiles.  I figured if they were being truthul, they were not a match, and if they were just making it up, they were not being themselves.  Neither works for me.

So, we all want different things, men and women.  From my prespective, someone I can relate to, and also am physically attracted to.  Both heads need stimulation...  It really all comes down to chemistry.  It's not more complex that someone you like being with...for a long time...

And I think the reason there are not more people commenting in here is that there are not a lot of people on this site....

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Hello there, my two favorite ladies on agematch!!!!!

I had posted a comment, I don't know what happened to it...Well, I just meant to say hello to you both. I hope you're doing well.

That's a very interesting question...

Well, I might be wrong, but I think that, like Helena has mentioned, men are in search of all kinds of different things.

I guess the difference between them and us is that Men are generally certain of what they want and when they want it, whether they actually verbalize it or not.

I suppose Men simply decide what they expect to get from a woman, then they draw a line, and they hardly ever go beyond it. Women, usually, choose to ignore that fact. That's why relationship gurus exist, lol.

I'm sorry, but I believe that relationship gurus are a waste of time. What they promise to do is teach women how to manipulate men, that's just silly. Men are not Ken dolls (boring...).What gurus do is just tell women what they want to hear.

I think most men want a good car, steak, potatoes, the drink of their choice, someone they feel comfortable with, and the possibility of changing their mind about all these things at any given time. Don't we all? Ha,ha,ha.

It would be nice to have guys contribute to this discussion, otherwise it will become..."What some women think men want" lol!!!

See you girls!!!

Greetings from México!!!

















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Hello Helena, So good to hear from you, I am hoping to get some comments [where  are Hot Pro Dude and Gig?] I would love to get some honest answers, and it would be such food for thought for everyone, and there must be some men on here that are brave enough to admit what they really want. Women too, But there again maybe they don't know what they want themselves, and they are just waiting for someone to turn up out of the blue,  I had a great visit to England, and had two of my friends come back with me and stayed a couple of weeks, It was fun being a Tourist for a while, Don't forget if you want to come for a visit, you are welcome. :)

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LTB you answered your own question as succinctly as I could - different strokes for different folks LOL.  Hope you had a great holiday and that someone else takes the time to answer your blog.  Lots of people read but never comment and it would be fun to have some new contributors don't you think.

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