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  • I hate Scammers ! Post info here to combat them.
  • You know when you are a paid member here and continually get contacted by scammers, I wonder if I would have been better served at EHarmony. I am so tired of these scammers. They are so stupid. I just had one that asked me to give her ( or maybe it was a dude ) my bank account so she could deposit her foreign check into it! So I told her sure let give you my account # and then ended the chat. She keeps coming on waiting for me to give the #. I couldn't resist screwing with them.

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Looking for a real women, not a scammer ! Posted on Feb 26, 2014 at 05:47 PM

Hello everyone, if you are like me you are tired of getting hit on by scammers.


If you are a scammer move on. I am fully aware of your game. I will report you, you will never get one cent out of me!


Now about me, in my fifties, but very young at heart, and I don't need pills to make "it" work!

I hope to find a real lady with a real heart that wants to just be loved and no games.


I don't care what your age is if you don't care about mine! I have a heart of gold and I offer it to you if you can prove to me you are real. That would have to be a webchat face to face or an actual meeting.


Thanks for reading.