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Romance: a true story of mine

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Posted on Nov 06, 2011 at 12:03 AM Total posts: 13
It was in the early evening. Summer was in full swing and the scent of the nearby fields was in the air. We left the cabin and decided to take a long walk without any particulare destination in mind. I enjoy the times we get lost together. Holding hands we would talk about random and little things that came to mind. all the while exchanging glances, trying not to get caught looking as if we were in grade school. Wild flowers grew along the sides of the road and I would run off and pick a few along the way for her like I was trying to win her affection all over again. As the sun was sinking lower into the horizon, I could see litle flickers of light. soon they were all around us. she had never seen fire flies before, so I gave her a smile and asked her to wait there. I ran out into the field and cupped one between my hands. We moved close together and I slowly opened my hands to show her my glowing friend. After a few flashes, it flew away right between us so that our eyes met in the middle. The ear to ear smile she had made my day! We continued down the road and it soon started to rain. We laughed and ran to the shelter of a large tree near the only lamp post in a deserted crossroad. We embraced each other and started to slow danced. Time seemed to stand still. We walked home with only the moonlight to guide us. We went inside and I held her through the whole night, listening to the sound of her breathing as she slept. All the while thinking to myself how lucky I was.
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Posted on Nov 07, 2011 at 08:29 AM Total posts: 294
I have a few stories involving dimly lit dive bars and meeting sexy MILF's wearing tight blue jeans, rockin' out to 80's metal tribute bands.