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What do women want? The dillema...

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In defense of myself, I have posted both sides of the coin (in that I can be romantic and I enjoy things that us guys typically enjoy). blogging about these things allows a person to present specific things about themselves in better detail and to a broader audience. It also opens the floor to some very interesting discussions.

the dillema:

If a guy talks about nothing except his feelings, he will be eventually seen as a wuss and a pushover that can't protect the girl he is with. She will get tired of dating a "nancy boy" and leave for more testosterone laden fields.

if a guy does nothing except express his macho side, he is eventually seen as an insensitive jock that will not be able to show his feelings to the woman he is with. I do realize that it is very important that a guy do this. if there is no communication of feelings, the relationship is doomed to fail.

I have been on both sides of the extreme as well as many combinations in between of macho and sensitive. none of them have yielded anything that has lasted.

There is no perfect ballance that us guys can attain. Eventually, a woman will want more of one side than the other.

From our side of the fence, we see profiles of both those kinds being sought after by women. the problem is that (for me at least) I am noticing more and more profiles of women with these things in common:

1) Want to be spoiled 2) want to party 3) want someone who is hot and well off

This will lead to a "relationship" that is hollow and will only last a short time.

And the majority of women that have substance to their profile have not been on this site in a while.

So I ask: What are us guys supposed to do? We send messages and get no replies. so we post blogs about the things we enjoy doing and we hardly get any views from women. We blog about our feelings and we get views from women, but don't get any comments or emails from them that are interested in finding out more.

a guy could go crazy with this stuff! So, please help us to figure some sort of balance to this situation." alt="" width="467" height="576" />

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Yeah baby, Ice me well!!

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Ice baby!!!

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Litenbrite...why do you think that someone's interest will wane just because you opened your heart? If the chemistry is truly there, I don't think he's going anywhere, aside from wandering off to mull it over. NG...Don't "TRY" to be anything you're not, because the *real* you will be revealed sooner or later anyway. However, I would take the advice doled out by the arrogant misogynists with a grain of salt. (sorry that I use that "M" word so often here, but I SEE it so often!) Just be YOU, and she will find you. ;-)

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Hey NG why focus on what women want? Why not focus on what YOU want??? Why are you so concerned about appeasing the duplicitious demands of women? You're gonna make yourself miserable trying to be the perfect man. PERFECT IS BORING! Just be your own man and live for your own desires.

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And even if there is a strong Chemistry and you hit it off, the other person will suddenly cool down when you start to open your heart. We all get hurt but you have to try again, because somewhere there is someone perfect for you. and then its all worth it. It must be or else we all wouldnt want it so much. Don't get disheartened. When it doe's come its so wonderful.               Just be yourself, its the only way to be.

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Why do you think that it is just guys who experience the things you do?  How many times do you think women have responded to winks or interested men online and had no response, how many times do we try really hard to no avail?  It is a fact of life that if there is no chemistry, the initiating person (male or female) will feel let down by the lack of response.  It works both ways and you just have to suck it up like everyone else and move on to the next potentially decent person.  And trust me, for all of those who do not respond or care, there are many truly looking for someone or something special.

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Well dear...all the women need do is read the misogynist's blogs and determine that there is far too much testosterone in the room. My boyfriend is in the US Army and he would never think of posting such nonsense. I guess if you got it, you don't have to try so hard. Contrary to what HPD or other hormonally impaired males may think, at the end of the day...most women do not want the tough guys. Go ahead and shoot your guns and play with your army tanks, but when you come home, you are MINE. You will smell dinner before you even open the door, and when you walk in, it will be to a clean house. I worked that day at my desk at home but still had time to make a dinner and clean...PLUS do your laundry and hang your shirts up before they wrinkle. I will even hand you a glass of wine and rub your feet...but don't EVER pull that macho BS with me. If you wonder what to do next...I'll hand you a pair of pantihose and let you figure out how the hell we put those on.

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NG2005.Looking for the right girl is like looking for anything else.There needs to be plenty to choose from.The fact is the numbers problem is getting in the way and having to rely on just the supply of women over the age of 18 just makes the situation even worse.I've actually posted a general call on the blogs long ago for available women who fit my search criterea to reply and at least make themselves known. That's a lot easier and cheaper than doing the same thing by using the e mail service to find out if there's anyone out there.The fact is it got just one reply and I spent a month using the e mails trying to get her to accept the offer of a date when she'd said that she was interested and eventually gave up.But the general level of women posting on the blogs and forums seems to be a reasonable reflection of those who are available on here and it's the best,cheapest and easiest way of sorting out scam profiles and dormant profiles which are long gone and probably spoken for. But the fact is there's no way that there's likely to be more available women on dating sites than there is out there in the real world and even less considering the 18 age limit.

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