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Posted on Feb 28, 2006 at 05:41 AM

It was summer,a nice day for a bikeride.I got up putting on a loose tank top,and short shorts,fixing me a lunch and my water.I set out for a enjoyable ride.I had rode most of the trails around town,so I set out for the country.The bike trail was close to the road so I had plenty of guys checking me out.I had rode a couple of miles,when I notice a little creek.I pull off and start to set up and place to relax.I put my blanket out and sit to eat my lunch.I don't notice the car that pull up.A guy got out and walk over to the creek,I know he was checking me out,my top was open showing my bare chest.we start to talk as he came closer,I leaned back and let him get a better veiw.He sat down beside me,and start touching my thight,my legs open for his touch.He was getting much more friendly and I was letting him.I remove my top letting him caress my ,and his hand work up under my shorts,so we were naked and he was enjoying my body.begging for more .we made out over and over.He would me every where and we in both my openings,he ask if we could meet again.and I gave him my address.So if any of you young studs want to play let's talk.

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