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    Let me give you all a prime example of how you amight be scammed. Case in point...Userame: Rose _Weihe


    When you simplly copy and past this name to Google to verify identity, you will get this report on scams:



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Men and Women on this site - Tips to notice bogus profiles Posted on Sep 15, 2014 at 10:02 PM

I've been on this site for 4 days, and as my first venture into thes dating sites, have already spotted many bogus profiles.


Something to look at for everyone to make sure your not seeing a fake profile created by African, Russian, Turkish or Chinese scammers...


Case in point- sweetluv123


Notice in the section 'About me' first, this profile is based in South Africa, where they have a great command of english language. So in the 'About me' section you will see some suspicious 

english grammer- as if created by a scammer


"I am honest ,caring,loving,romantic,sexy and very outspoken.I am a christian and spiritual and i love and respect others religion.I love outdoors an indoors also"


Notice the lack of spaces, and missing words " I love outdoors an indoors also" This is a dead give away. I spend a lot of time in mainland China, and this is exactly how they speak in broken english.


Add the glamour shot, (most likely copied and pasted from another dating website, and behold- Scam most likely.


Hope this helps to make sure you are being safe.

Fraud Profiles Posted on Sep 13, 2014 at 10:37 PM

Username: Rose _Weihe


When I went to verify identity:


I have texts and E-Mails from this person that a resemble talking to a Chinese speaker with Bad english.


Also, If you google the name above you will find a very bad Facebook profile, just created in July, with no Friends and only comments from old dudes. 


She' supposed to be graduated from a Texas university (originally from Australia) in the Dental field making 100k??


Yet Texts and E-Mails are like broken Chinese english? A girl like this would be articulate and would have many friends on Facebook.


I've had a FB account for many years, and never heard anyone being hacked in their account where a new one was made. Never happens (as is claimed on the FB page)



The account for Rose was created in July to support the fake identity on dating websites. You are all being scammed by fake profiles like this. I would guess that all the single photo glamour shot profiles ARE FAKE.


Go ahead and send a message to test my Theory. You will recieve a broken english response. 


Watch for the same thing with all these contacts that claim to be native english speakers.


Your welcome for the 'Heads up'