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Scammers yet again!

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I have been on this site for years. Finally gave up my PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP due to so many scammers being on here. No, I know it would be hard to filter thru all the members and be able to tell who is and isn't a scammer. It is just so frustrating.

I usually know withing the first few contacts that the person is most likely a scammer. The indicators are simple, 1. They usually have no living family other than maybe one small child. 2. They have only one picture to show you. 3. They work out of the US (usually Africa is mentioned).  The list goes on and on, but with those 3 I am all but certain that within a 2 week time period a scam will be attempted.

Be smart, be aware.


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I have been on a few dating sites over the years and can usually spot a foreign scammer by the content of their profile or (should they copy and paste someone else's profile) by their response.


Lets start with the bi-line: Am not here for games

       ​        ​        ​        ​       Am seeking love and marriage

     What person who has a grasp of the English language starts a sentence with "Am?"


Their profile reads of a desperate soul seeking the love of their life for a serious relationship or marriage. Their first response is either trite or deflects from themselves, asking questions about you while failing to respond to your questions. They either write long run on sentences with terrible structure, misspelled or misused words or end one sentence and begin another without proper spacing or capitalizing letters especially "i." After one message they emphasize how right you are for her and surely feel the love. In addition, their occupation is always "model or merchant/sales" that takes them out of the country for long periods. They always want you to provide your phone number in that first message (if it's not in their profile - how the hell do they get away with it) so that we can "text or talk" off site. Given that phone calls can be made over the intenet, that number could be coming from anywhere in the world.


Let's not forget the picture(s). I've reported many who have used pictures of porn actresses or models, if they have more than one to begin with. Don't judge me. Not my fault I'm worldly.


There is probably more but I'm coming up blank. Hope this helps. Usually I'll comment on there page that their profile is typical of a foreign spammer.

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They usually say that you are right for them ,that they can't stop thinking about you ,they call you dearest after the second email. I have never had someone take interest in me all my life so they must be scammers...Inthink it is now time to throw out the hook to see if I can catch one

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I am getting many replies from South Africa...are they scammers

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I think I found one that just wanted the information from you like a "case study" which is common I guess. Which is VERY sad that people think so little of others that they are just an experiment. I met one person on these type of sites, fetish type I mean, that was real. VERY real and VERY fun but that was it. Just one and done years ago now. whaa whaa. I just look at the pics. Would that person need the web to get a date? Then what questions they ask.


  "May I ask you what your relationship goals are and tell me what is sexy to you and what are your fantasies?"


I am sure some couples pose as singles on here to get ideas for their own boring sex life. Haha.


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I've been a member for almost 3 months now, and it's been a complete and utter waste of time and money. I haven't met ANYBODY, and there doesn't appear to be a 'normal' girl on this site!  If you're a rich guy it MIGHT work for you, but for a middle class person like myself??  NO CHANCE.  Don't bother unless you're rich.  

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Use your gut feeling it tell you the truth use your own intuition.

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Reviewing someone's description of themselves is not the same as confirming the IP - and for the scamming community who obscure the IP by sending it into a loopback, the sites do not find you either.  If the photo sent cannot even be scanned by one of the ID sites available then that too confirms the contributor is fake.  From long experience of these scammers, let me say that the best sites can do is to remove people once reported, and please everyone report a scammer immediately - they are quite cancerous

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The administrators review every new profile, supposedly, so should make these scammer/phoney ad checks part of their repertoire.

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Hello, IdyDiane. Yes, I just joined this service and within an hour I found an obvious scammer's profile. There are many ways to identify which one is a scammer beforehand, but my trepidation is that some of them will be tipped off if I mention in this forum how I know, what the signs are, about how to pick them out. I am gratified to know that this site responds quickly and eliminates scammers. However, what I saw in this advertiser's profile easily identified that person as a scammer, but it was never picked up by this site's administrators! Therefore, I would highly recommend that we direct our insights and stories (about how to ID them) to the site's administrators and demand that they employ these methods beforehand. We should not be spending time reporting these instances to them continually; the site should be spending time for US by finding them themselves and eliminating them. There are sure-tell signs for finding them. Some are mentioned in this blog by others. The site's staff can establish a standard--let's say, one sure giveaway, or at least 2 tell-tale signs--for rejecting a suspect profile. It's worth showing that they mean business, before this site becomes infected by this breed of phony advertisers and scammers, and reaches a point that it no longer becomes viable for honest members to even operate here.

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Lady D, LTB has it right; get an email and trace the IP and one of two things will happen.  Either the IP will lead you to somewhere other than where the man claims to be or it will be obscured and you will not be able to trace it - scammers are very good at this. Either way if they are not where they say, traceable to where they claim, give it up - they are fakes

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Yes Diane, I know what you mean, I have lots of bells and whistles they usually say they are widowed, have only one child, all relatives are dead, and they want a "God Fearing woman" The times I have read all that are numerous, I laugh to myself because I am sure no-one believes the same old story. They must be all working with the same script. and are easy to spot. But you can't rule out long distance, I talked to a man in Ireland for 7 months and he called me every day when he came back we got together and formed a very good friendship. and he was still phoning me until recently [he lived in New York] and had got himself a girlfriend up there who was jealous of our being in touch. So I gave up. shame though such a nice friendship.

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ldydiane trust me no African scammer is going to be up for a date at an arranged and agreed time and place either in England or North America and it's only that ridiculous idea of so many people seeming to prefer to sit at home chatting to a computer and a photograph which allows them to stay in business.Your friend is right.The only way you'll know for sure is to get out and actually meet the person you're interested in for lots of dates.It's at that point that any scammers will obviously give up assuming that their usually obvious garbage profiles haven't been noticed from the start.

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Hello Lieterbrite, Yes I do understand the issues and after being on a dating site for so long I finally had a clue. haha  I am cautious, most times even to cautious even tho jag6000 might not agree.
I once had a dear close friend tell me that you really don't know if someone is suited, sincere or real until you give them a chance.  Yes, many don't have family, many have had sadness, but once they start telling you they have an extensive job in Africa or such, if any of the other bells and shistles don't sound off, those combined with that deffinetly do!

There is nothing wrong with talking, it is if You give them the rope to hang yourself that matters.

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Hello Diane, I had one that gave me a phone number [which I did not call] I was wary, I got in touch with Helena and she helped me check the IP address, I then checked on the internet and it was a phone number that if you called it a huge charge would be added to your phone bill. The good thing about this site is that if you report Scammers they get rid of them quick, and if you have had 5 they give you a free Membership for a month. However there are some very genuine people on here too.

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