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Beware of Scammers

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She took her account or hidden it from here not long after we started talking. Another thing that came up was she would ask me things that I had already covered in my profile or in an e-mail. I did report her to the consolate where she lives at the moment. They've suggested that I report her to the FBI and a few other places so I'll start doing that.

Oh, she asked me a lot of questions in the form of a survey which was a big turn off but I complied. This was before I knew anything else but she wanted to be sure that I wasn't another heartbreak. That is another clue too I guess looking back.

Then she writes how she liked me since the first e-mail and would like to go further but wanted me to know that she is "a god fearing person first" but then it doesn't matter what I am as long as I'm not late for work.

I'm a specialized software engineer (read I have a rare skill set and am hard to find) and I make more than most household incomes where the husband and wife work. So of course she doesn't want me fired. She wants me to give her a few hundred dollars now, and will pay me back. Oh, and the next step I can guess is that there will be some delay in being able to get here to be with me so we can have a child and raise 2.5 picket fences... or whatever. In the meantime, can I send more money? It willl just be for about a couple of more weeks... and the pattern will continue.

No, I didn't send any. There were red flags already and when the request came I shut her down.

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Yes, Those scammers always are into "GOD" and want a God fearing woman, as soon as I see that I do not reply, I think the Scammers are so easy to see, although of course there are more inteligent ones. But they all seem to have a pattern.....I wonder if they go to Scammer School? and get supplied a form letter? Only one thing to do Tell Support.

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