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Beware of Scammers

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Well, I've run into one. Guys, here's how it works and what to avoid:

First, she's beautiful. Her pictures are like those of a model and in fact her photos look professional.

Second, she has either money but it is tied up in some sort of investment. (This is important for later.)

Third, she is in a vulnerable situation. Either she has no family, or her family is unable to help.

Fourth, she is in a foreign country but could be a U.S. citizen.

Fifth, she falls in love with you after a few e-mails.

Sixth, she finally has some sort of financial crisis and turns to you for financial help with the promise of repayment after some deal goes through or when she returns to the U.S.

Seventh, she is willing to drop everything to be with you in a few weeks, move in and marry you.

Eighth, she talks about "God" a lot to give her the appearance of someone who is good.


If I think of others I'll write them down.

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Hey they also bear their beautiful breast to the world. They do really nasty unspeakble sexual things to old men. I got scammed on Monday , twice Wed, thrice on Friday,, and looking forward to this weekend!!! smile homie your in paradise

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> Yes, Those scammers always are into "GOD" and want a God fearing woman, as soon as I see that I do not reply

Do you think that's true in the converse gender situation?  I've thought many women will genuinely say "I'm looking for a God-fearing man" and mean it.  By itself it doesn't tell me that she is someone that I as a christian am interested in (God-fearing isn't enough).  But don't you think they are looking for "safety", a legitimate concern?

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Glad to have just discovered this blog feature.  "Let's see which blog chain should I read?"  Scammers, yes.  Been interesting to read all y'alls comments.  I've been on several sites over last several years.  My limited experience here confirms that the scamming phenomena are common to nearly all of the sites.  It's a pain the butt to all the sites, BUT they all appear to make genuine efforts to weed them out as fast as possible.  I didn't expect that here, but they do.  Even tho not a paying subscriber yet, I've had congenial interactions w/support here, where I've reported a number of suspicious cases.

A year agoI was scammed a few times in a few weeks by different ones.  I'd make contact with them before CM got a chance to delete them.  (I'm too curious I guess.)  One of them, full of gushy loving words (and with a definite asian look, but in a pic with her American father) was confusing as to where they were, where their father was (long story), and what church she went to.  I got her to visit my own website and visit a certain page (it was my page where I tell how I came to know Christ).  Sure enough in the weblog, I saw a hit to that page in Malasia!  When i started to say I'm doubtful this will work, she blew up into a big pile of "I love you, I want you the rest of my life!" etc. etc., obviously a faker (of some gender) or at best a very immature teenage mentality. (I still think it may have been a woman.  Her pic wasn't gorgeous like most scams are.)

Then there was the Nigerian one, where later I learned that the pics were of a Nigerian beauty queen.  (She was really good looking and seemed more indian than negro.)  Was crafty as when I wanted better proof, like an ID, "she" emailed a scan of a driver license that seemed both real and fake at same time.  It did show her as older than before (therefore a LITTLE convincing).  Then I found many more photos of her on a dating-scam-exposing site where lots of victims have reported their experiences (I forget the site).  Sheesh, I'm a whole more alert to all this now.

Well, I'll just say I feel almost more sorry for sites like this than for us, in that they have to waste resources to make strong efforts to find and purge such scum, including enlisting US for those they don't catch.  At first I thought this whole site was bogus (I forget why), but now feel it's pretty good.  Just today I received a big thank you from them when I gave serious suggestions that would turn this site from unacceptable to me into one I'd like to subscribe to.  If they make the changes, I will likely subscribe.

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I have had a few as well,   so easy to spot, there is a gal here I'm not sure about yet, So If there not local I egnore them, besides long distance dating sucks,

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Many of the females use pics from the seedier side of the web so if you have been around a bit then you can recognise them - of course that wouldn't apply to me, lol!

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Good point! I noticed. They also say they don't want liars, or people who play games right off the top. I don't think any of us want that to begin with.

Oh, the last e-mail from this one came through. Yep, her mother took a turn for the worst and she only took $4900 with her to Malaysia and it isn't enough to cover the expense. You can guess what happens next. Looking for the button.

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Another thing I have noticed some have in their profiles that they are looking for a real man [and they supposed to be a Hetro Male looking for a Woman] I suppose they cut and pasted their profiles. Has anyone else noticed this ?

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Ah, well I don't know about an ego boost because my fingers do all the working out. I'm a computer geek and haven't seen the inside of a gym since I was forced to in high school. All brain, no brawn. :)

But yes, the picture is me. I had it verified by AgeMatch so they gave me one of those little icons at the bottom.

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Okay I do not want to boost your ego too much but most of the scammers approaching me have posted a picture of a good-looking very buff male.  Maybe you are/maybe not but that is what they send me.  I have now caught out two on photos alone.............I hate and loathe these people because they make a very good living out of doing this, while they emotionally cripple a lot of victims.

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It looks like I've found two more. I've reported one already that I'm pretty sure is. The other I'm waiting to see.

In the meantime I did meet someone here who is nice, has a background, a real life, and so-on. Where it goes from here who knows? But it is nice to know that every once in a while a real person gets in contact. It may go no further than pen-pals, I hope for more but the point is that there are real people looking for what the rest of us are seeking.

One of the other things to watch is that within a few e-mails in less than a week she will want you to prove you are worthy of her love and ask you to discontinue membership. I've hidden mine once before I found out but two days later I made it visible again.

These people seem to have the same pattern. They end up in Nigeria or Malaysia or something similar and will inevitably run into a finanical crisis. The latest one claimed she was from Tennessee but "... what is your state like?" See how generic that is? Why not ask, "What's Atlanta like?" Four times I've heard the same thing, three times are scams and the forth is most likely too.

So, please be careful. There are a lot of preditors.

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Quoting Meganheart:

I always find it humorous when coincidentally they have lost everything but their "passports and lives". Lol



You've experienced that too? Let's see... no family, no friends, money tied up but soon to be released for one reason or another and suddenly, the wallet is left in a cab! Oh no!

Yes, I had red flags before that but hearing that I surmised her intentions to be somewhat on the crooked side. :)

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Well R. Steele having been scammed by a scammer of a different ilk I sympathize but the spiel you got has apparently been emanating from Nigeria for over  200 years.  Yeah I did a little research after the fact and learned a lot about the type of scamming and majority of scammers and they originate from Nigeria or Russia.  On these sites I have also been approached by amateur scammers from Kuala Lumpur.  The trick is to get them to email you and then trace the IP.  That way you soon know the true origin of the email. 

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I always find it humorous when coincidentally they have lost everything but their "passports and lives". Lol



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its sad to say but there are scammers on all the dating sites last year i tried singlesnet and then match for a couple of months each and i only seemed to find them or they found  me. i figured this would be my 3rd and last one to try . i wish i could find love like these sites were designed to do.

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If you just stay with the idea of using a dating site for (trying to) arrange a date then the scammers aren't ever going to be an issue because they aren't looking for a date.I've wasted more money on using the e mail service on dating sites on so called 'genuine' women,who reply,which (should) mean that they're interested but who then stop replying after one or two emails,or who just want to complain about what they consider as not the perfect match in age looks etc etc for daring to be interested in them,or keep exchanging e mails forever but always avoid the actual issue of arranging a date,than I'd ever lose to any scammer.




It isn't any scammers that are gaining from that situation only the dating sites.From now on I'll stay with the idea of making a connection,if there's any single young single women out there looking for a single bloke in preference to a married/seperated/divorced one,on the blogs or the forums,up to the point where they actually tell me that they'd be up for a date and only then will I think about paying for one month's e mail subscription to exchange a few e mails to confirm the time and place.




The idea of including girls who haven't posted a photo isn't a bad idea either considering that the proof of wether they're genuine or not and wether they fit the search criterea is only really going to be found out during a few dates which is what a 'dating site' is supposed to be all about not wasting time on a computer worrying about wether the person at the other end is actually a scammer from a part of the world that isn't even in the search criterea.



The real problem is the desperate shortage of available young single women not scammers.

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Oh I didn't have to wait long. I got some poetic prose obviously copied and pasted from somewhere along with an MP3 which I didn't even listen to. I did get flowers and a teddy bear from "Bill" or whomever it was.

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Oh yes, if you see they are looking for an honest God fearing man..then yeah..scammer...

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if you wait long enough they reply with cut & posted romantic have nothing to do with the conversation you are having at the time.

Anyhow, most are guys and based in either Ghana, Nigeria or Philippines.

What they will avoid at all cost is to cam so I advise not to accept any excuse and insist. If they are who they say they are, they can always get to an internet cafe and show themselves. After all showing a face is no big deal, is it?

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Of course, SHE maybe a HE with someone elses pictures.

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