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Lego Haunted House

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I just got the catalog in from the Lego store. (Yes, I'm a child at heart.) I have been collecting the winter scenes that come out each year and making a display with them but this catalog had something it looks like for Halloween and it's quite cool looking. The ghosts glow in the dark! :)


It has a little over 2000 pieces but Legos are pricey so I don't know. I mean, this thing is about $180 USD. I do like making animations so I might try a stop motion animation if I do get it.


Anyway, one of the reasons I blog is to give the ladies a glimpse into my mind. If you come into it, just push aside the empty bottles, and becareful not to step on the cookies that fell on the floor three weeks ago. I'll never get the crumbs out of my brain!


So, yes. When I say I am a child like heart, rest assured when you (if you decide I'm the one and vice-verse) come into my home you'll find I am really out there. Hopefully you'll find it fascinating and fun. Uh oh, the red-headed one just stepped on a chocolate chip cookie! I told you to be careful. Now my mind is not only cluttered but has crumbs everywhere. Oh the broken potato chips? Oh that, well that's um easy to explain you see it was all... rats I can't blame it on anybody. I got hungry one night and you know how unruly potato chips can be!


So anyway, back on track. It's got borded (the house not the brain) windows, a zombie chef, a zombie butler, a vampyre and his bride. I already mentioned the ghosts. Knowing me, I'll be buying it this weekend and begin putting it together. LOL!!!


Great, now I stepped on a cookie.

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this was a very cute and fun blog until I came across the very strange response by PeterJoe.  Who is cute and beautiful? The blogger or some of his respondents?

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I'm better and about over whatever it is or was.

You have already figured me out. Yes, there is a Vampyre's Castle and some other things. The castle is next. :)

Never lose your playful side. It keeps you young. :)

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What a fun blog!!!

I myself have never really been a Lego fan, my thing was playmobil (oh, how I used to love those toys!), but I have spent endless hours at stores trying to find the Lego toys of my nephew's dreams and I have to admit they're simply must haves.

I bet you'll end up getting all the monsters and monster fighters series, I would myself, if only I weren't so stingy, lol.

Good luck, oh, and listen to litenbrite, beware the crumbs!!!

Greetings from México.


P.S. I read your other blog too. Hope you get well soon!






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Thank you for the compliment and the invitation, Pete. However, I'm strictly looking for the female type women of the opposite sex. :)

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you louk so beautiful let's talk pèlease


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I haven't bought it yet. Last weekend I spent more than my paycheck on odds and ends like the mortgage and assorted bills. I decided to wait until this weekend to let my account recover from the tragic loss of liquid capital. But I'm going to buy it and The Vampyre's Castle... at least I think that is what it is called. It's not as expensive but still about $100.

As for the cookies, after I finished the bag of Chips Ahoy I got the hand vaccuum out and proceeded to vaccuum my hand before someone pointed out that it is called a hand vac for other reasons. Well, how was I to know? So I vaccuumed my brain and then washed it, with one of those color protection detergents and then dried it. It shrank.

So if I start mizpeling yu wil gno y.

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Hows it going......anyone after YOUR cookies? Lol!

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Well so far she hasn't obviously. When she does I hope she has her luggage with her because I won't let her leave. ;-)

Maybe that's what's wrong. I've got bugs in my software. LOL!!!

I've not bought it yet but maybe this weekend. Definitely before Halloween.

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Have fun with your Lego....while you wait for your Dream girl. But its good to clean up all the crumbs....they attract cockroaches, Ants Mice and rats.....and you just never know when that special person might be knocking on your door. :-)

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