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everyone says on-line dating is the best way to meet people.1 study shows that 25%of marriages come about as a result of on-line dating.that sounds high to me.i have been on-line for quite a while now and have met some people i do not get the impression that lots of people are meeting their soul mates on these sites.{i've been  on general dating sites and niche sites}.the computer can be a wonderful tool for finding things but maybe not for finding a soul mate.

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i want a serious relationship


Posted on Oct 17, 2013 at 08:45 PM 2 Likes Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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You are looking for a relationship not a relation (that might be incestuous) Maxmore22

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hi i look for friends and why not a a sportiv boy {bodybuilder} i know not all women like muscle but who like me contact me

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I think it all depends on whatever the person in question is looking for.In the case of someone looking for some dates in the hope of that then turning into a serious relationship then internet dating sites 'should',in theory,be as good as anywhere else for that if not better.If you then add the ingredients of older man looking for younger wife ( hopefully much younger ) then things get even more difficult if not impossible.I'm not sure of suds exact search criterea but in general internet/online dating seems to reflect the modern issues regarding all aspects of the dating game wether in real life or not.The harsh reality is to put it simply if a bloke has missed out in those all important younger years in finding the right girl to settle down with,then things will only get much more difficult as we get older and it makes no difference wether we're searching online or out there in real life.

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Hello Suds00, I have had lots and lots of winks and emails, and have met 2 special people on here.  I think sometimes we can just have our own energy lined up and someone you meet is perfect. by the way we have many "Soul Mates" not just one. its the "Twin Flames" that there is only one of. Nice to see you Blog :-)

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